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MG MGF Technical - running in after new head fitted

New head fitted to the car, not me!

As some of you may remember, I have just got my 2001 VVC (15,000 miles) back with a new head and new head gasket after an HGF. With the new head, do you think I should try and repeat the running in procedure? Mantles thought it wouldn't be necessary, but what do you guys think? I don't know if the head came with new valves etc., or whether they just slotted the old ones in.

I have to say that, much to my relief, the engine feels as free as it did before the HGF. There is no hint of the stiffness that took several thousand miles to wear off when the engine was new. So, what with the K&N, it has been pretty bloody difficult to limit the revs. I have been trying to keep below 4000 for the first few hundred miles. (Yes, I know it should be 3000!)

What do we think?
David Bainbridge

When I had my VVC head replaced it came with valves and VVC equipment already built up. I would keep to sensible revs etc until 500 miles have passed.

Bruce Caldwell


Batter safe than sorry! BUT the main running in bits are the pistons/cylinders and bearings - little end, big end and mains and they probably have not been touched.

Ted Newman

Thanks for that - its pretty much what they said to me!

Am being a good boy and keeping the revs down. Looks like I will get 400 miles from a tank instead of 325!

God, this car's so f*****g cool. Looks a million dollars (pounds, surely?) and drives like a friendly monster. It has given me a bit of a saddo tee-shirt suntan over the last few days though!!

Big brother ZS probably being delivered this week too! Lucky we got air-con for that one...
David Bainbridge

>> God, this car's so f*****g cool. Looks a million dollars (pounds, surely?) and drives like a friendly monster. <<

:-) LOL, i know what you mean.

SF <--- Also with a new head (stage 1), just in time for the summer!

/me wants 190BHP VHPD :D

This thread was discussed between 13/06/2002 and 17/06/2002

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