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MG MGF Technical - Rusty Bolt Heads

Just purcheased a TF 135 which is in very good condition apart from a number of bolt ( under bonnet) and screw bolt heads that are rusty . I can search around and buy individually ( stainless)but is there someone who suplies these items as a kit. Thanks
P Ferguson

Ebay is your friend -
David Clelland

Hi P,

I can recommend this kit. Makes a huge difference.

However, I did get drawn into the "Darkside"

Sam Murray

Thanks to both of you. Had a look at the eBay offering, just what I want. The "darkside" elements will have to wait till all the little annoying details have been fixed.
P Ferguson

Just be aware that stainless bolts do NOT have the same tensile strength as a normal bolt and should not be used in places where safety may be compromised.

M T Boldry

I just painted mine with phosphoric acid then matte black "Blackboard" paint. The OE bolts were defintley bought to a budget.
Stan Best

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