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MG MGF Technical - satur pedal set


has anyone tried the sports pedal set from Satur, do they make heel and toe changes any easier?
I find the standard pedals awkward to use in this context.


I have the brake pedal adjuster. Infinitely adjustable, I think I have mine set perhaps a little too low for ideal heel-and-toe gear changes. IMO the biggest inhibitor is the space between accelerator and brake pedals. I guess I need bigger (wider) feet!!!

Is the adjuster worth it? Yes, I think so. All other F's feel wrong now!

Rob Bell

Rob, maybe this problem would be cured with the MS pedal set as they look wider than normal, this should close the gap between the pedals. Not too expensive if I remember.

All I need is the steering wheel about half an inch closer and I will be happy :-).
Tony Smith


I had the pedal set and the brake pedal adjuster. Together, they work well and did make heel-and-toeing easier. I wouldn't recommend getting the pedal set without the adjuster - the brake pedal would be even nearer than normal.


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