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MG MGF Technical - sawn off gear stick

ide been thinking for ages about whether to do it or not so yesterday decided to go for it,i hacksawed the threaded part of gear stick off fitted a new chrome/leather cobra head gear knob with grub screws. my god what a difference really does feel slicker more possitive gear change ,not joking looks great, took me about 15mins tops wish i did it earlier now.
david morris

David, is the diameter of the gear level such that the gear knob you refer to is a good fit (before)tightening the grub screws. Did you find a range of suitable gear knobs, if so from whom?
Nic Kent

Nic the gear knob i bought came with 4 rubber gromets different sizes which go voer top of gear stick finding the one that fits inside your new gear knob ensuring tight fit before you tighten up gear knob.instructions are with new gear knob i bought mine at the larger Halford superstore with the car accessorie joke Nic difference is excellent.good luck. charlie T6 DCM,
david morris

p s Nic i just noticed you are BT as well .
david morris

Nic, any 3rd party gear knob would fit fine.

including MOMO ones.

Hanah Kim

Hi all,

You can even use the old one , just carefully (at low drill speed!) drill out the inner to 12,5 mm (1/2 inch). The old knob will then be a perfect "press on " fit . In order not to twist a dab of glue may be needed. IMO the original looks much better on a shorter stick. A picture from mine is on Dieters Tech site..

Regards , carl.

I did this a long while back on my original F and used a gear knob from a range in my local Les Smiths shop. It came with the necessary bushes of varying sizes and clamped to the stick with allen key grub screws, however I did need to use a small amount of araldite to stop twisting. I also removed the plastic sleeve on the stick since this is not fixed at the selector end of the stick and doesn't help the twisting problem.

I never regretted the modification one bit.

I now have a Trophy 160 which has a shorter stick in the first place.

I did this a while back, and used the Momo air. This knob is leather and alloy and has the kind of Allen key bits on it that are similar to the 'F' trim.


Kieren Gibson

Well, I never did like the gear knob, so Halfords here I come. Thanks for comments one and all

Nic Kent

let us know how you get on nic.cheers, charlie T6 DCM
david morris

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