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MG MGF Technical - scrub that K&N good 'n' hard, Momma

I'm buying Matt's old K&N and have a quick question.

How often are you supposed to clean them?

Can't get any simpler than that.
David Bainbridge

20k miles I think, or once a year, or sooner if 1/2" thick in dust. Kit (cleaning fluid - Alkali / oil) is about 10 quid. DO NOT scrub, dead easy to clean and re-oil.
It does just what is says on the box.

David Bainbridge


K&N reckon 50,000 miles i think, but the thing is with the cold air pipes coming from down low they pick up a lot of road dirt so i think the K&N in the F gets dirty quicker.

K&N also reckon that the filter is actually at its best when slightly dirty (how you define slightly dirty i don't know)

The filter isn't clean , its quite dark at the mo, but personally i would be happy with it for another 15,000 miles, I've done about 5,000 with it. The panel filter i had on before (K&N) had done about 7,000 miles and was about as dirty.

As for the kit, i have no experience of it so i don't know how many goes you get with one kit, but i imagine its more than one, so i would say its up to you weather you clean it now, or leave it till later, shouldn't matter either way.

Have fun though

I use a BMC Filter and having cleaned it for the first time after about 10k miles I found that the engine felt a lot more powerful afterwards. So I think 50k miles is definitely too late if you want to extract the full potential of your engine.

More often than you scrub your ar*e, you dangleberry covered f*ckhead

Ddraig, Matt, Nikolaj,

Thanks for the advice. Perhaps I'll wop the filter on and then clean it in the next few months when I get round to it. A filter that works better when it's dirty is an interesting idea! I've also just sent Tom Randell a cheque for one of those bracket thingies.


You just don't get it, do you?

David Bainbridge

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