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MG MGF Technical - Seat Lower

Looking through the thread about TF suspension (I changed mine back in July last year and it is a much better ride) I noticed that VHS have a subframe that effectively reduces the height of the seat by 20mm.

I've been thinking about trying to lower the seat in some way but this appears to be like searching for the Holy Grail.

Does anybody have any experience of this - not searching for the Grail but the lowered seat!


Not sure how this works for the TF, but with the F, the only option I have come across is a set of replacement seat spring that allow the seat to sag more.

If you want to fit a really low seat you will first have to find a way a keep the chassis stiff without the bolt-on stiffening plate.


VHS's solution works for either F or TF (since the seat frames are the same). They physically modify the seat frame - it's not like the spring solution. They quote a definitive 20mm lower driving position. I sat in their demo car at Stoneleigh and it really works - you not only feel lower, but much more support from the seat. They are charging 90 + VAT.
Dave Livingstone

I noticed that on VHS's site as well - quite interested actually as I am 6'4" and look through the very top of the screen.

Today, Andy Kitson from VHS fitted one of their seat frames to my TF160. At first I was a little disappointed as the 20mm really didn't seem that much. However, when I started to drive away it appeared to make an huge difference, not only in height but also in comfort. The vision through the screen is much better and the seat feels as if it is more supportive.

It is a bit of a drive from Surrey to deepest, darkest Worcestershire but it was worth it. Andy, thanks and a very good buy from my point of view.

DJ Grant

Seems like a good solution for Fs as well because their steering wheel height cannot be altered.


Dave, David,

worth investing in would you both say?
Rob Bell

Stu mentioned about the seat lowering kit when he visited me today. He says that the rear of the seats are lowered more than the fronts, so it gives a much more comfortable driving position.
Ralph Gadsby

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