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MG MGF Technical - Seized water pump?

Car laid up over winter. Got the new battery on.
When the car is started, there is a V loud sqealing from the right side of the engine accompanied by plumes of white smoke!

Is this a seized water pump?

Check the alternator drive belt/alternator !!
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Cheers Geoff. Is the access panel under the parcell shelf the way to go?
Jeez, much easier on the midget. ;-)

If the water pump had seized then it would have taken the teeth off the cam belt :-o but if the car continued to run it should be the drive belt, which runs the alternator or aircon(no PAS pump on the MGF)

>Jeez, much easier on the Midget. ;-)
nope, in the midget you have to pull the engine out to get at the alternator :)

in the F you can get at the alternator from below, but IIRC the belt runs round an engine mount
Will Munns

Lift the bootlid and shine a torch down 45 deg behind the RH Hinge.
To change alternator or belt, access is thru a closing panel behind the RH rear wheel.
Will is changing the camshaft belt. No mounting removal for the alternator.
You could be lucky and have a heavy charge load for the new battery causing a slack belt to slip !!
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

It may be that last one, Geoff. It has squeaked a bit in the past, but the motor-factor said the batt was fully charged.

Gonna give it a go no, thanks for your help.

White smoke? You may have had a pope in there.
C.R.B. Simeon

Alt is well and truly seized. That'll teach me to not turn it over every few weeks over the winter.

if it were on the way there it would explain the slipping belt from before, so don't blame yourself too hard!
Will Munns

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