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MG MGF Technical - Service intervals

I have a 95 (N) MGF with 40k miles. The last service (before i bought the car) was just over 12 months ago when the mileage was 36k.

I spoke to two Rover dealers today to enquire about costs for the 48k service. Both warned me that because the car is approaching 5 years old i should have the 60k service which is a major one.

I am not sure i am doing the right thing if i miss the 48k service and have the 60k service.

It doesn' t seem right to have a 60k service when the car has only done 40k. However, am i letting myself in for a whole lot of trouble and expense if i risk not having the 60k service for another year or so.

Has anyone else had this experience? there must be alot of MGF'S out there approaching their fifth birthday with low mileages.

I would welcome any feedback and advice.

Terry Moss (N329 VOA)
Terry Moss

IMO its not useful to go for each single milage service interval.
Main reason: you'll get no goodwill of Rover, because its older then 3 years and need the load of 'stamps' in your service booki only for getting a probably better price when you sell the car.

I've got a 05/96 MGF and left out one date already. But I know about the effords of my car IMO very good. :)

If you get access to the single works that will be done then you can check several terms yourself and can order others 'exclusivly'.
It depends too on the whole calculation, means, it can be that the complete service is cheaper then ordering single works.

IMO at 60k miles the cambelt will be changed. An expensive thing.

So I would not take the 60k now but the 48k. In next year do the large one. Your coolant i.e. should be changed then too, for the second time.

All IMO, I've got no data here recently. Hope you read the owners manual yourself already.



The message in the user manual (from memory) is that the car should be serviced every year or 12k miles which ever comes first. If your car is 5 years old then it is due the 5 year OR 60k services.

As Dieter has already mentioned, the 60k service is expensive and covers the replacement of the cam belt. If you want a kosker FSH then you need to shell out for the 60k service.

If you are not too worried about the FSH then the question is, "how lucky do you feel". If you do not get the cam belt replaced and the belt fails you could be looking a 3k for a new engine with no possibility of any guilt payment from Rover.

If I were you I would take the big hit for the 60k service (on the assumption that the cam belt had not been replaced).

I recognise that it is a damned sight easier for me to spend your money than for you to....



I would strongly advise that the main item of the 60K service, the cam belt change, be done. The reason is simple and relates to age related deterioration of the belt structure. I have seen belts fail with less than half the mileage shown to be the change point, but being past the age change point.

When a belt fails on the K16 engine you will end up with between 10 and 14 bent valves, with the guides of each bent valve breaking off the bottom of the one side. The pistons are quite resiliant and will probably survive a failure at below 2000rpm, however at higher rpms the valve heads now dig in hard to the piston crown and often then break off. The resulting 'cutting tool' now smashes its way through the alloy of the head, unless the piston crown fails first and breaks.

Whilst this is going on the bores are showered with bits of metal debris which often creates a nice new deep scoring pattern on the walls.

The minimum rectification is usually a replacement head assembly complete, whilst the worst case scenario is a replacement engine.

I trust that the above description, which is based on factual experience of several engines, provides all the justification that is needed to avoid experiencing it!!

BTW the plugs are also changed at 60K. The fact that I believe them to be past their best by about 24K is another issue, but at 48K if they are original there is a significant improvement in throttle response and probably fuel economy to come from their change.

Roger Parker

Mmmm, Touche (with an accent over the 'e')

The last time a cam belt broke on me fortunately was in an Escort whilst idling. Luckily no damage was done. However, I certainly would recommend changing this part at the earliest opportunity. I have just checked my car in for it's 12K service. BUT, i've had it for 2 years, the dealer recommended to go for the 24K service (2 years) and explained why; Brake fluid deterioration etc., and i believe that the benefits of this, not to mention the warranty issues, far outway the cost.


Oyhhh, I want a cam chain back. :)
Had only a 'cam chain spanner' broken at my Lada 1200 years ago. An incredible noise. *g* I had to keep the engine slightly under load while riding home... Nothing happened at that curious italian/russian engine. The spanner changed by myself with the included boarding tools (6 kg tools or so in that 'car').

Rog, please I did not understand completely.
Now, do you recommend the cam chain belt change only around that 60k miles or earlier after a more or less large time ? 4 or 5 years ?


Anyone any idea what the going rate for the 60K (including cam belt change) service is approximately?
Sorry to appear stupid (I could ring the dealer) but it's Saturday afternoon and everyone's closed!

I think it's around the 500-600 pound mark for the VVC, not that I've had it done yet (only done 14k).

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Paul Lathwell


The belt should be changed at 60k miles or when 5 years old whichever arrives first. Originally the belt change for the K series was 96K miles or 8 years, with a visual check for damage/wear at 48k miles or 4 years. I have seen several engines suffer failures of the belt when all normal servicing had been done from between 75k and 93k miles. All but one was covered by a warranty (not Rover), and the one that wasn't was at 75k miles and needed another engine! This is why the belt change point was moved earlier.

Roger Parker

Maybe we could create a small list with expected costs/charges for each service. Could be interesting for the FAQ as wel.

1st year/12k miles --> 87 for: changing some fluids, and resetting the ride height (4x4 look).
2nd year/24k miles --> for: (will have this one in a few weeks)
3rd year/36k miles --> for:
4th year/48k miles --> for:
5th year/60k miles --> for:
6th year/72k miles --> for:


PS: Dieter, this looks like a small survey ;-)

I have been quoted GBP500.00 pounds for the 60k service and GBP200.00 pounds for the 48k service. Both quotea are from Rover dealers and include VAT.

I'd be happy to do alist on mye website. If I think opf it later I'll e-mail me friendly dealer and see if he can e-mail me back the cost for each service interval - this can always be averaged out from other peoples findings overtime. :)

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Paul Lathwell


Very interesting scenario, I think the best solution is to garage the MGF and buy a TVR !

Kind regards

A Neighbour

A Neighbour

Sorry Neighbour but I don't understand your post, if Terry is worried about servicing costs why should he consider a TVR.

I got the impression that Terry was look to keep costs down rather spend it like water!



Neighbour obviously values the MGF highly as he suggests keeping it in a garage... presumably leaving the TVR out on the road.
martin scott

After just dropping my F for its 12,000 service (150)
the Rover dealer has a list of charges on the wall and the F is no more dearer than the others listed. 495 for a 60,000 service is about the same across the range.
Alot cheaper than my partners Citreon and about inline with Ford.

yep, 40K KM was 22.000 LUF here, 60K KM was again around 20.000 LUF, 80K KM was 28.000 LUF (2.000 kms later head gasket blew...errr)
(so expect about 500 for 60K M maintenance)

but do not forget to ask afterwards to see the replaced parts (better tell 'em in advance, or they might have thrown it away), not the first time they 'forget' to replace it, but not on the invoice...

Dealer in Luxembourg has no problem with this wish, and always is helpful what goes into where and for what it serves. And don't forget to pay attention to coolant system!
Dirk Vael

A guide to the cost of having an mgf serviced at a main dealer is now available on my website...

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Paul Lathwell

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