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MG MGF Technical - Service Schedule 0701


I have now posted the later service schedule (vin 522573 on) dated 07/01 along with the pre 522573 schedule. The urls are:

There's not a great deal of difference between the two. The later cars do not have an oil change at 3k and the air-bag replacement interval has increased from 10 years to 15. The 15,000 mile service does not give a lot to moderate users, as it's still a yearly requirement.

Apart from a few spelling corrections they are reproduced verbatim. The comments regarding 'Main Service B' at the end of 0701 are nonsense, but that's just how it is.

Both of these will print on one page - one page each that is. Remove the header and footer in Page Setup, and set the top margin to 10mm and the bottom to 0. I'm sure those who want to will sort it out. None of this is guaranteed on any other browser than the one I'm using, IE 5.5.

Are there any other valid service schedules about (I have the rather simple 0897 which I might put up later for curiosity value)? If so send me a copy and I'll include it in the bunch. I know there's a 0900 522573-on version (which doesn't have the VVC rear cambelt change included) as some kind enthusiast sent me a German copy. Can someone mail me an English version so I can tableise it?

And what is your hobby? I collect mgf service schedules. This sure is sad.

Regards, Kes.

This thread was discussed on 09/10/2001

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