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Was hoping you could help -

I have a 97 mgf 18i Import (japan)
Can someone tell me the service intervals

Mileage is 33,000 KMS and condition of car ties in with this.

Can I get a manual for the car giving service details ?

My 96 Jap re-import has a new speedo in miles - surprised yours hasn't. Can't remember the interval OTTOMH. Full manual available from Rover dealers, about 32. Drivers' handbook only available as part of 'literature pack' and these have been on backorder for weeks (so my dealer says). Not much help, sorry :-(

Thanks David !

The car was imported in May privately - Then taken to DVLC for paperwork but owner never got around to changing clock!

Suppose its not a bad thing to have the origional clock - do u know where i can get a MPH replacement or is it better to get the face renumbered and stick with odometer in KMS ??

I traded in my dream bike for it - And no regrets at all - brilliant car!

Hi Tony,

Standard intervals are 12k miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.

For full details of what each service involves check out the following address: , Kes was kind enough to post the full service schedule.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Thanks Spyros !

Not much to it is there !


Alright people just to let you know the fuel filler neck is normaly changed on a jap import also.Different size neck ours is smaller to stop you putting lead replacement in . Japs are all one size(so i'm told)
dave mgf tech

Thought it was weired when i went to fill up - bloody hole is huge!

Anything else i need to change ??

1) speedo - or fascia

2) filler neck

3. headlights - although Japan drives on the left, their lights dip 'straight up and down' while legal UK ones dip 'down and across to the left'
4. Radio - Japan FM uses different frequency range
5. Driver's side sunvisor, to get rid of the Japanese labelling.
On the speedo - should be able to pick up a secondhand one, there are written off Fs filtering through to the breakers nowadays. Also note the alarm does not have the volumetric thingy. Spare blippers may also be difficult, I think the Jap ones use a different frequency range (still looking for a local radio ham to test this for me, see thread 'which blipper').

thanks all

Just need the filler and speedo then - off to the breakers!!!

You'll need to change the speedo and lights if you ever want to pass an MOT! Surprised that the paperwork was in order withough these two items - I had to get the whole car MOTed before I could get road tax and insurance. Worth checking...

N837 OGF

It had an MOT in April and passed :)
Lights have been changed - however SPEEDO HAS A STICKER WITH "mph" on it
Apparantly as long as its marked mph (even if it isnt) thats a MOT PASS - JOKE huh !

Still - I looked at main dealer cars and they were in awful condition - much higher mileage and at least 2000 more than the one i bought so dont mind laying a out a little bit of money for the odds and ends

Don't know if you know a breaker already, but I got some very cheap spares at Hawley Road garages in Dartford tel 01322 225446 These guys break up F's regularly and have sometimes some my2000 stuff as well for very low prices!

Regards Marten
Marten van der Velde

>>>>SPEEDO HAS A STICKER WITH "mph" on it. Apparantly as long as its marked mph (even if it isnt) thats a MOT PASS - JOKE huh !

You're kidding! Excellent! LOL! :-D
David Bainbridge

Lol - David - the funniest thing is it went through its SVA like it - and they wouldnt test the brakes until i had a full tank of petrol !!!!!!!!!!!

Kinda cool going down the motorway with 150 odd showing on the speedo - brings back fond memories of my biking days


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