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MG MGF Technical - Servicing MGF's

Hi All,
Can anyone reccomend a good place to service my R reg MGF. Its done about 38k and i'm not that confident with Dealers value for money!!!!
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Try the MG Dealer Guide for a reputable dealer in your area........

Also home of the F'ers Gallery and new MGF FAQ.
Paul Lathwell

If you don't mind the trip to Yorkshire, then I'd try Mike Satur:

Unit 12, Mitchells Enterprise Park, Bradbury Baulk Lane, Wombwell, Barnsley, S Yorks S73 8HR
Tel: 01226 750147 or 01226 750505 Fax: 01226 751523
Rob Bell

Baldock, Herts - B&G are supposed to be reasonable...

If there's growing dissatisfaction with the dealer network, maybe (Paul) you should do what you were considering and incorporate an "independants" section to the "Dealer Guide"


Good suggestion Neil.

To which I would also heartily recommend Tech-speed, who did a superb job on my car for its 60k service, plus clutch change and all the rest. Five star rating.

Also consider some of the other mg specialists- like the MG Hire company and others.

Will Mel-tune service MGFs Neil?
Rob Bell


Did my 36k service, including coolant change, very reliably.
Has also fitted polybushes and did the tracking (he doesn't have a computerised rig either he does it as Techspeed do - so I gather - with string and a tape measure).

(Doesn't charge VAT anymore - gota be good not giving Gordon the 17.5% extra!)

Like the Techspeed guys, he has maintained a Cup F, so understands quite a lot about making them reliable...

Can also get "racing" parts from the like of Roversport still (I think)



Another one already on the very long to-do list. Still a lack of time ATM, one day, one day. :)
Paul Lathwell

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