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MG MGF Technical - Shock Absorber Bushes - Replacements Now Available

Gentlemen (Andrew Northcott in particular).
Following Andrews thread - Failed MOT, Rear Suspension, and from a report from my Dealer following 36k service last Aug (where they mentioned that the rear shock lower bushes were beginning to split).

I called Mike Satur last week to enquire if the bushes were available seperatly.
They were not, but being the sort of chap he is, he went out and designed a set of poly bushes for the OE shockers!
In my case it is ideal, as the car's only done 13,000 miles, but age has done its thing on the crappy rubber, and as I cannot afford to upgrade them (which I will do when the actual shocks go) he's a godsend.

Anyone interested in poly bushes for the OE shocks should contact Mike on 01226 750505.
He is going to sell them as a 2 shock set (2 lower and the 2 upper bushes) for about 37 + vat. Thats cheaper than 2 OE shocks (approx 110).

The full production run of lowers will be available early next week (29 Jan), and the uppers the following week.

Obviously, if yours has a higher mileage, then shock upgrade is probably the sensible way to go.

Hope this info is of use.
Paul Lane
Paul Lane

Paul, hey thanks for the plug, only a small correction, the kit will be for 4 shocks to include the top and bottom bushes and bottom stainless tube atú37.00 for the full set. Saves buying a complete shocker and improves the 'feel' of the car.Full kits available in a couple of weeks.

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