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MG MGF Technical - Shock horror, Bush is dead

Sorry, that should have read 'Shock horror, bushes dead'. But I bet it got your attention!

Anyway, the problem is that I had some strange handling on my F on the way home Friday night. I've just checked the suspension and found that 2 of my shock absorbers are coming off their bushes at the bottom. I'm booked on the North Weald experience on Tuesday. Suggestions as to how to sort the problem prior to Tuesday are welcome.


My suggestion would have been to contact Mike Satur who sells PU shock bush replacements. Unfortunately, Mike's currently in Germany.

Try to contact Trish on Monday at Mike's usual phone number.

Unfortunately, Rover do not sell these bushes separate from the damper. :o(
Rob Bell

AS far as I know only MS does relacement bushes for the shocks. You can buy a 4x set and fit them yourself for less than the price of a new shock from Rover. It is not a difficult job.

As Rob says MS is on the Treffen but I think they are returning today.

Spyros Papageorghiou


I just got my bushes replaced (well shock absorber, as I can't afford the full kit), with lowering knuckles, and found my ride more accurate, and better handling.

It's about 34 pounds, and would be good to fit with lowering knuckles if you haven't got any. That will save you some labour time.

Total cost is around 120 pounds for the parts + VAT.

Tricia hopefully comes back on Monday, as I ordered my parts 10 days ago, but still not here guessing that I guess they went on a holiday before dispatching the items.
Hanah Kim

Ralph, that's exactly the sort of phrase that might make a subject of interest to the CIA,FBI and Secret Service.
Shady Character

A other useful place could be B&G as they sell both original and uprated parts and is also nearer, specially with a lack of time for fixing before your training.

I hope all is fixed before and that you have an excellent day playing on the airfield.

Tom Randell

Well, I've tried Brown & Gammons - they didn;t return my call and its now too late to get the parts and fit them. Whilst waiting I rang LMG - the guy I spoke to was very helpful, but didn't have the parts in stock. Rang the local MGR dealer - you can buy just the bush, part number NAM9017. Unfortunately they don't have any in stock, nor did two other MGR dealers. One left to go...


I finally got through to the parts department of the last MGR dealer in Kent. They don't keep the bushes in stock either. If the rain stops (its been raining constantly since 8am this morning) I'll see if I can get the shocks back on the existing bushes, though I don't expect them to stay on for long.

Ralph :(

Well, I failed to find any bushes anywhere. One of the bushes is completely shot. Looks like I won't be able to make it to North Weald tomorrow.


B&G have very good online shopping so you don't need to call them.
Tony Escort Driver

Sorry to have missed you Ralph :o((
Rob Bell

Tony, the internet has two fundamental problem with regard to financial transactions.

1) the internet, and its forerunner ARPnet, were designed for the sharing of information. Consequently it is insecure.
2) certain government organisations require that the internet be insecure so that they can monitor activity.

Until these two problems are overcome I will not use the internet for financial transactions.

Rob, you can't be as sorry as I am!

I've finanlly ordered the parts from Mike Satur, having had my time wasted by various organisations. 'Oh, yes sir, we'll get the parts for you tomorrow. I'll ring you when they arrive.' No phone call by 1pm following day, so I ring them. 'Our supplier doesn't have them in stock. They'll be here tomorrow.' ...

On another note. I passed an interesting milestone this afternoon.



>>Rob, you can't be as sorry as I am! <<

Of that I am sure. :o(

Wow - the magic 150! :o) That's more than double the mileage of my car; are those shockers the originals?

If you get a chance, could you take some pix of your disintergrated shock bushes for me? Cheers! :o)
Rob Bell

Well, the bushes that I ordered from MS turned up just before 8am this morning. With breaks for breakfast and elevensies I had finished fitting the bushes by 12.30pm.

Things, however, did not go smoothly. I started at the rear of the car, as this was where one of the shock absorbers had come off its bush. The first wheelnut that I loosened got stuck in the socket. It took several minutes of 'gentle persuasion' to extract the recalcitrant nut (it now has a dent in the top). The replacement of the bushes at the rear carried on without any further major problems. Having completed the rear at about 11am I stopped for a short break.

After the break I started on the front. This is where things went wrong. Trying to remove the cover on the first locking wheelnut I hear a cracking sound. I remove the cover removing tool from the cover to find that part of the tool has broken off. The cover has been sufficiently loosened that I can pull it off by hand. Having loosened the locking wheelnut with the key I find that the key is stuck firmly to the nu. This is partly due to the fact that the key was distorted previously when undoing the nuts that had been tighted to over 120Nm by a tyre fitter (see the photo). Another few minutes of 'gentle persuasion'.
Moving to the other side I now have to remove the cover from the locking wheelnut without the use of the tool provided by MG. Mole grips are the only option. The rest of the replacement procedure was completed without incident.

A tip for inserting the bushes into the bottom of the shock absorbers is to use a large washer, one of the washers removed from the bottom end of the shock and a nut and bolt. I in fact used the brass nut from a lavatory cisten (didn't Dieter use the washers from a cistern as compliance washers? Anyone else got uses for parts of a cistern on an MGF?) as the large washer. Place the large washer against the loop at the bottom of the shock, pass the bolt through it and then thread the bush, the other washer and finally the nut onto bolt. Now tighten nut on the bolt - the bush will be gradually pushed into the loop on the shock.

Photos of the knackered bushes and the locking wheelnut key at


Nice work Ralph! :o)

Have you driven the car since completing the job - and does it feel better?

I seem to recall that Neil replaced his shock bushes too - and also the shock top mount bushes. If the lower ones are shot, then the upper ones are likely to be on their way out too... :o/
Rob Bell

Did mine last year with bushes from Mike Satur - the thing that can cause problems is undoing the the top fixing as you need a tool to prevent the shock absorber from turning - such as an Oil Filter Strap Wrench or a good size pair of Footprints.

Ted Newman

Agree with Ted. Removing the rear shocks is not easy in the confined space of the engine bay. I eventually got a friend to undo mine with an air wrench.

Tried a strap wrench and that wouldn't hold them, and as I only wanted to change the bushes I didn't want to damage them.

To access the top of the shocks on the passenger side you need to move the fuse box which is over the damper mount.

Effect of the MS bushes the car seems a little more glued to the road. Dampers seem to control body movement better. More noise there is some creaking/groaning audible from the rears and it can bang quite hard over sharp bumps.

My original bushes were in quite good condition, car has completed 38,000 miles.
Dave - Rugby

Bushes from Mike are for top and bottom. Its changing the top ones that make the job a challenge!
Dave - Rugby

With the car jacked up (and on axle stands) the wheel drops sufficiently to be able to hold the upper section of the shock absorber from the wheel arch - I used a large pair of Footprints (Plumbers adjustable wrench) which cause no damage to the shocks, other than a couple of 'tooth' marks on the cover plus you will need a good set of spanners and sockets for getting at the top nut.

BTW do use the silicon grease supplied with Mikes Poly Bush set or you could have some funny 'screeches'.

Ted Newman

I only replaced the bottom bushes. This was mainly because my tool kit is somewhat light on metric spanners - I'm more used to working cars from the '70s.

The car feels a lot better now. It's amazing how bad something can get without you noticing, if it happens gradually.


Ted are you talking front for your method of holding with a plumbers wrench as very little of the cover is visible on the rears.
Dave - Rugby

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