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MG MGF Technical - Shockers

Been told at a service that one of the rear shockers is leaking and needs replacing, question is, should both rear shockers be replaced? or doesn't it really matter?
Colin Ashworth

Yes, you should replace dampers in pairs Colin, and yes, it does matter! Very nasty handling can occur where one shock absorber is tired and the other is not.

Silver lining time: good opportunity to replace all four dampers with something more decent? You know, Bilsteins perhaps? ;o) ;o) ;o)
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob, as per silver lining, i'm saving up for a tf160 so minimu spend I'm afraid, the old effer has just got to see me through the next 12 months :)
Colin Ashworth

Fair enough Col! Second hand dampers from MGFC then, perhaps?
Rob Bell

its going in to the local dealer tomorrow for a pair to be fitted, they're doing the MoT too, but i'm hopeful it wot be too painful

away for the weekend, pick it up again monday and all will be well in my little world again :)

or maybe not.......
Colin Ashworth

This thread was discussed on 10/03/2005

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