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MG MGF Technical - shorten gear stick???

I would like to shorten my gearstick on my mkII , but it is as simple as cut and (re)-fit the gearknob???
i have this one:

(Merci Arnaud) ;)

Yes and No...
The gearknob in the picture looks like the original equipment for a MKII. I recently bought one of these and it has a rubber filling inside that you use to self cut the thread when you screw it onto the stick. If you cut the gear stick shorter you will loose the metal thread on the top that is used for this. That being the case you will need to glue the gear knob on again thats all...

>You will need to glue the gear knob on again thats all...

After carefully drilling out the plastic thread in the gearknob.

Will Munns

An easier option may be to use an aftermarket gera knob that fixes to the lever with a grub screw.

Plenty of very attractive designs around... :o)
Rob Bell

Hi Benjamin,
if you would like to use the existing gearknob on a shortend stick just drill out the inner of the knob with a 12,5 mm drill. Be careful to secure the knob, do NOT try to do it "handheld" as the drillbit will bite hard into the plastic! The drilled out knob will be a tight fit but can be further fixed with a dab of glue. The result can be seen at Dieters site....

Carl Blom

ok , thanks for the answers...
but , how much can i cut on the stick????
i like the one on the mx-5... ;)

If you take the knob off, the base of the thread on the stick is the point I chose, but I was installing an aftermarket knob, which may have a greater internal shaft. I think that you might get a shock if you try taking off much more than the thread.

(oh and remember you can always take a bit more off later)
Will Munns

The one you see at Dieters site was cut off 55mm in total.That is IMO good enough for both the original knob as well as for any aftermarket one . It will then also match the leather surround better , especially as this one tends to fall down with time and expose more of the crome "stick".

Carl Blom

This thread was discussed on 24/03/2003

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