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MG MGF Technical - shuddering brakes

Can anyone advise what the problem might be? Problem is worse when braking from high speed; the whole car seems to shudder.

Could this be a worn brake disk?

Do you think I am OK going to Kwick Fit or a local garage? I can't afford much and so assume the standard MGR items would be cheaper and easier to get hold of. I have green stuff pads if that has any bearing.


warped brake disk.

Will Munns

You could do them yourself if cost is an issue.

Disks and pads are easy to do for 90% of people.

Paul Nothard

I certainly agree with this - there are many backstreet garages who will do a much better job.

>> I have Green Stuff pads if that has any bearing.<<
If you changed from MGR pads to GreenStuff without changing the discs then this *may* cause a problem - it did on my car.
You may need to change both front discs and possibly new pads also.

You might also want to check wheel bearings and front suspension before these changes.
How old is the car and when is its MoT due ?

The MOT is not due until November however I was told at service last October that one of the disks was starting to wear, not sever enough to warrant changing but to keep an eye on it.

I have been looking at a few sites and I notice B&G do new green stuff disks for 99 or with pads for 135, rear set is the same. This sounds quite reasonable, would original MGR ones be much less?

Should I change the pads if I am also changing the disks, and do I always need to change both disks on the same axle?

Thanks for any advice.

>>and do I always need to change both disks on the same axle?<<
From the MGR workshop manual
"Both brake discs must be renewed at the same time, unless one disc requires changing at 1000 mile service. Only in this situation is renewal of one disc permissable"

>>Should I change the pads if I am also changing the disks<<
That's the preferred option - but if pad wear is even and the pads have not worn much, then they'll probably be OK.

>>one of the disks was starting to wear,<<
disc and pad wear should be even - both discs should wear at the same rate, and inner/outer pads should also be similar.
Take a look at your calipers and make sure the brakes are bled correctly.

Some TLC on the brakes will save money later.

The problem with your brake judder is most likeley the EBC Green pads ,so change your brake pads and deglase your discs and all should be well. Early EBC Green was notorious for brake judder leading many to change discs when all along it was the pads
R J Hemphill

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