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MG MGF Technical - Slow fuel filling

Some time back there was a thread about the possible cause of the slow fuel filling on F's. Sorry too lazy to dig out the original thread.

Well I have just fitted My K&N :-) and while doing so I had easy access to the fuel pipe, so I thought I would take a look.

Remove the three plastic nuts holding the (I assume) heat shield in place, and pull it back up towards the inlet.

The ribbed rubber joining pipe can then be seen. And as described it was twisted (and squashed) with I think about 1/4 of the area it should be.

You can then loosen the jubilee clips and streach, straighteen the pipe and re-tighten.

I found that the heat shield would then not fully fit over the pipe, as the top end has been sewn together and prevents it moving down the pipe. It is possible to remove the stiching, position it correctly fit the nuts at the bottom. Then the top end can be fixed in place by use of a good old cable tie.

This seems to do the trick.

If you are fitting a K&N it's fairly easy as it can all be reached from the top without any problems. If not and you have the original Airbox, this would be hard to see and harder to do, but is worth it if you suffer the problem.



This thread was discussed on 16/12/2000

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