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MG MGF Technical - Smell Petrol in the morning, not naparm

When I get in to the MGF in the morning I can smell petrol fumes? When I had the last service I said to the garage that I thought it was the petrol tank breather pipe and could thay fix it, when I received it back from the garage, my wife fetch it, they said they thought it was the breather pipe!! So had a look at the service CD rom and the pipe seems to go into a canister! How easy is it to fix this problem if it is the breather pipe?
Jim Kenny

Clogged up breather pipe disables you to fill up at the petrol station.
The smell comes from disintegrated rubber around the fuel pump cover. Very easy to replace.
good luck
David Peters

Hi again ,Jim,Maurice.Yeah our VVC has always had a petrol smell first thing in the morning or when standing for any length of time.I understand it's one of those quirky traits and quite common.Unless it becomes overpowering I wouldn't worry about it.Soon goes.
MR Blencowe

Saw a thread recently about a petrol smell on an F - turned out the filler cap was not locked in the correct position... takes some believing don't it.
Pete Tipping

If you push on the side (up, down, L,R) of the petrol cap when in place, youŽll notice pressure relief, fumes escaping. Try this before you leave the car overnight.
David Peters

Personally I would treat a smell of petrol as potentially dangerous and get it fixed.

Early Fs sometimes could smell which was caused by a series of faults, including a leaking tank, twisted filler tube, blocked breather or blocked carbon filter. MGR took these sufficiently seriously to fix faulty cars free of charge, (although there was no general recall). Best not to ignore the smell, trace it and get it fixed.

This thread was discussed between 26/11/2006 and 28/11/2006

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