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MG MGF Technical - Smith & Deakin splitter

Anyone fitted one? any good?
Nic Kent

Somthing for the garden is it?

Yes, absolutely correct, it's something you 'fit' to your garden. No doubt you can discuss the matter further with your gnome friends.
Nic Kent

I fitted the B&G one and it makes the front end feel better at speed

Tony, B&G? sorry not familiar with this. Any pics of this, supplier details, cost etc?
Nic Kent


Splitter supplied by Brown and Gammons (B+G) is the KH Fabrications one (formally Krafthaus).

Details can be found here:

>> <<

(Cut and past the URL, it has a ? in it which stops the link working properly when activated from this BBS)

Alternatively, you could read my views and see some pictures on Scarlet's Web:

>> <<

Scarlet Fever

Pictures of a variety of splitters can be found at

Sorry, I haven't yet included the S&D splitter that is, by all accounts, identical to the one fitted to the Trophy 160 and Freestyle SE.

Which is the more effective- the KH splitter mentioned by Andy or the S&D/ Rover one? I don't know, but people with experience with both say that the KH splitter feels more effective, and someone mentioned to Steve that the wind tunnel performance of the KH splitter is 30% greater than the Rover item.

Rob Bell

Thanks for your comments guys

Nic Kent

Oops- forgot to mention that link:
Rob Bell

Just received today the package of Smith and Deakin containing several splitters.

First impression:
1) looks: good, must be the same as a Trophy one, except that these ones look larger. I coul be wrong off course.
2) build quality: overall good, some minor faults
3) fitting: it's a first impression, haven't fitted it yet.

Pictures of the part are available on my site: and click on the link called splitter or choose for Styling, Exterior: splitter


Erik, fantastic site! :o)

Just had a quick browse- lots of useful info.
The S&D splitter looks good. I am interested to hear about how you are going to combine it with a KH item. Should look awsome. :o)
Rob Bell


This is what S&D Emailed me with regard the splitter
"sorry I have not got any pictures of the Trophy splitter but it look the same as the original MGF exept it is made in fibre glass not plastic, it is self coloured white 42-30 post and packing to the UK. does not have a fitting kit or any instructions ,but the people who have bought it say it is easy to fit ,it goes on with bolts and attaches to the front bumper panel, when you receive the panel you will see that the original bolt holes are marked but not drilled"

I've looked at the pics on your site (thanks) what do you reckon with regard its fitting? Looking at your second picture do you think the front top edge (along the bumber) is just a good close fit, ie following contours of the bumper and that the splitter is just held in place with bolts along its underside.
Nic Kent


I haven't brought the splitter close to the car yet, so can't give you any details about close fitting. I will do that during the weekend, and more pictures and some words will be put on my site (and this BBS) somewhere Sunday evening.

>>when you receive the panel you will see that the original bolt holes are marked but not drilled<<
Yes, saw something like that.

>>just held in place with bolts along its underside.<<
Could do the trick (will be tested as said during the weekend), but the underside of the splitter is flat (seen from side to side), where the MGF bumper goes a bit up to the middle.

Original MGF bumber:
Left /___------___/ Right

Left /____________/ Right

The bottom of splitter is a bit curved when seen from front to rear.

Hope this all makes some sense....




Yes, that makes sense, I'll await with eager anticipation photo and words on your site this weekend.

ps nice site

Nic Kent

hmmm, how shall I begin?

I took an additional 11 pictures to show you how the spoiler fits... or doesn't fit. Exactly, it didn't turn out the way I prefered it. The curve from the side to the front of the bumper is different from the curve of the spoiler. Giving the result of gaps at the wheelarch, at the side and at the front.

I am wondering if the Mk2 or the Trophy bumper would be slightly restyled during the years, 'cause the thing I received from S&D looks like it isn't developed for my car. Have a look at (and click on Splitter, or go to Styling, Exterior: splitter) for all the pictures.

If anyone wants to try... I've still got some spare spoilers, so drop me a line and we could arrange something.

I will be e-mailing Smith and Deakin as well, so they could explain what the use is of this device.


Oh no!

Looks like the profile of the moulding is completely wrong. FWIW I am not aware of ANY differences between early and late (Mk1 v MY2000) bumpers.

I guess you are sending the pictures to S&D- so I hope that they'll be able to provide some answers. At present, this splitter looks to require considerable fettling to fit :o(
Rob Bell

sorry about the troubles.

Mate, that isn't a gap, but the right english word is 'a canyon' ;)

Anyway, all easy made aftermarket polyester resin parts I know of have fitment problems. Saw one for a Ford in summer, DOOOH.
Also remember the MVR bumper from the other year.

IMO you should have a visit to any professional bodyshop before you decide to give the part back. May be a professional only makes some cuts here or adding some polyester resin there improves the final fitment quality.


Dieter Koennecke

Someone must have an MG Rover parts list, have a look to see if the part number are different for the MkI and MkII cars. Erik, I'm really dissapointed, I was looking at a trophy yesterday in my local garage thinking just how well it suited the front of the car.
Nic Kent

>>Mate, that isn't a gap, but the right english word is 'a canyon' ;)<<

True Dieter! But maybe a voluminous void is even more appropriate ROFL

I await to hear S&D's official response on this.
Rob Bell


You are not alone. I purchased the splitter from S&D some weeks ago and have not currently had it painted because I was not convinced it was going to fit. Holding the splitter in place produced identical gaps as shown in your pictures. I also thought it would be better with the bumper removed but have not had any time to try. Judging from your experience there is no point wasting time in trying.

I'm very interested in the response you receive from S&D and being relatively local I can offer support by showing them on my MK1 F.

Good luck

Neil Stothert


Any news yet?
Neil Stothert

i fitted the B&G carbon splitter cost about 90 stood back to admire and thought it looked awful sent it back B&G exchanged my advice go for bumper spoiler instead twice the price but is worth it same as fitted to trophy B&G part no is bgf6406 unpainted bgf6407 painted hope this helps .B&G tele no is 01452 490049.
david morris

The Trophy spoiler will fit onto the standard MGF bumper without any problems (apart from a little mod if fog lamps are fitted)as I have tried this for a customer,I haven't tried the S&D one as they told me that were altering (improving)the mould, I am sure they will sort out your problem if it doesn't fit though.HTH.

>voluminous void

Surely that's a contradiction.......
Tony Smith


I received the following e-mail yesterday... as always, there support is very kind and I am pretty happy with the way they try to tackle the problem.

Hello Erik,
First we are very sorry for the spoilers that you received we where not aware that we had a problem,we had been selling them and up to your order we had not had a problem, but thanks to your photographs we could see immediately what the problem was, we have to-day purchased a new splitter, which is now in our workshop so that we can manufacture a new one that will fit, this is a slow process but the boss will be working over Christmas to produce it , we will send you the first 5 spliiter that we manufacture, just after we have fitted one to the car to make sure they are correct you should receive your new order mid January,
In answer what to do with the 5 you have, the boss suggests that you throw them away please, <<<

Talking about support !

The person who is responsible for answering the e-mails won't be available from Friday 21st 'till January 2nd. So if you want to complain about a non fitting splitter, you will have to do it by fax or telephone call.

Otherwise you could wait 'till somewhere in January where I will continue the story about fitting a Trophy Replica.


Well done Smith and Deakin

Anyone can make a mistake - isn't it great when they just put their hands up, admit it and get on with putting it right.

MGR take note.


Thanks for the feedback Eric- and what an excellent response from S&D! Nice one lads!!! :o)
Rob Bell

As a matter of interest the part number for the unpainted front bumper panel hasn't changed. However the colourd part numbers do differ. Normally you just see a different colour code suffix for the part number but for the early coloured ones the actaul number is different. However I can't see that there are different moulds from which the base units are made.

Roger Parker

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