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MG MGF Technical - Smokey Joe

The 1500 engine on my 76 midget smokes quite a bit which is a sort of a bluey/grey colour . Most noticeable on start-up but can still see smoke when pulling away almost all the time. Compression is low on no2 and oil pressure guage reads between 45 and 65 on the road.
Is this likely to be rings or valve gear and can I leave things as they are for now without doing any significant harm until I can afford to have the work done? Obviously my oil bill will eventually overtake my fuel bill......


Might do better posting this on the Midget & Sprite BBS...

We quite often get postings for Bs here as the items are next to each other on the drop down menu. This is the first Spridget posting I've seen here.


Being F owners here, we'r most likely to suggest it's your head gasket.

Ed Clarke

Naw, just spliffin up in the mornins.

> Being F owners here, we'r most likely to suggest <
taking it to a Rover dealer and demanding its fixed free of charge out of warranty as it's a known problem/design fault.
Nathan Carnie

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