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MG MGF Technical - So the MGF to TF conversion then?

C H here again!

The MGF that I'll be picking up on June the 8th (my first convertible since the Spitfire that got written off in 2001) is a '51 reg October 2001 model. So, a very late model.

Initially I was looking for a TF, but a customer/business associate of mine took a tasty MGF Tahiti blue VVC as a part exchange and at the price he wanted from me, it could not be resisted.

So, I was wondering about the TF conversion given that early TF's do actually exist on a 51 reg, and perhaps it wouldn't look that strange as seeing a P reg 'TF' (when that looks strange in my eyes anyway). I do prefer the TF front to the F (although the F is also an attractive car). Also, being in Germany most of the time, I will have to get hold of a set of LHD headlights, so why not just get LHD TF headlights and change the whole front.

I'd obviously keep the original parts so that it could revert, and I haven't decided about the rear end conversion yet.

So my questions are:

What do you think about F to TF conversions?


Is there a way to convert the sills/sides to also look like the TF kind?

C H Perkins

People are quiet on this. Is a dark side thing? Am I a very bad person for even allowing it to cross my mind?
Chris Heinrich Perkins


A mate has converted his F to a TF!, IIRC this is what he said he had to do!!.

Bumpers need 2 extra brackets buying/making as the mounts are different!.

The wiring plug is different for the new TF headlights (indicators??) so a new plug and/or some re-wiring required!.

The boot lid was a direct fit!.

He didnt fit the side skirts, so dont know on that one!.

Best I can do Sorry, but I have a pic of his car complete if you need an idea!!.

This article is on the Car Club site by someone who has one this...


And here's a place that claims to sell the requisite bits...


Personally I prefer the look of the F, but many disagree.


Try this link to an article written for Safety Fast by Geoff Baron.

It's a little bit old now and so the parts pricing may be out of date.
Dave Livingstone

Yes, I'd found those from a google search, thanks.

I should soon be picking up a set of LHD mgtf headlights, and I have an eye on a 2nd hand bumper too. The front end should be pretty cheap to do if I have the bumper and lights 2nd hand. I've found someone in Germany that can so it (near Hanover) while I wait.

Hmm, if I get a boot rack, will the bumper fit on it?!
Chris Heinrich Perkins

I got a slightly damaged but fixable TF front bumper from ebay just now:

51, I thought that was rather lucky!

So now I have the bumper and lights (or at least will do in the UK in a couple of weeks). If the lights wiring can be modified relatively easily by rearraging the pins in the connector, then I'm sure I can manage that. Does anyone know if anyone sells the brackets for the bumper?

Mark.L: Feel free to email me pictures of your mates.
Chris Heinrich Perkins

As on of the original conversions I can thoroughly recommend the act. Better headlights for a start and the car looks more agressive.

In short do it.

Mike Satur has my car on his web site itf you waant to have a lookor try

David Richards

I think I'd decided to do it all along! I love the front of the TF, so i'll get that bit done first. From this board I have been contacted by someone who has already done it, and should also be able to do mine.

David, the link worked, but the link to the MGF failed.
Chris Heinrich Perkins


Has Michael been in touch then???...

Yes he has! I'm waiting to hear from him about how long it takes, where he arranges the painting, and if he can do my front end when I'm in the UK (and for how much).

Thanks very much for putting him onto me.
Chris Heinrich Perkins

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