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MG MGF Technical - So where does the Trophy 160 get the extra BHP from ?

1.8i = 120 PS @5500 rpm = 118.2 BHP
1.8 VVC = 145 PS @7000 rpm = 142.8 BHP
Trophy 160= 160 PS @7000 rpm = 157.6 BHP

So where does the Trophy 160 get the extra 14.8 BHP ?

1, Air cleaner assembly is specific to Trophy only. With a modified with larger bore air feed and cold air pick up
2, the larger alloy throttle body ?
3, the Trophy Exhaust ?
4 or some where else?

I don't know is anybody has quantified this exactly but I would be interested in the option's of this BBS.
Stephen Ratledge

It's pretty easy to get 160 outta a VVC engine by changing the air filter, and adding a proper exhaust. The throttle body is a bonus too.

1, 2 and 3 pretty much cover the mods necessary to convert a standard pre-2001 VVC into 'Trophy spec'

To my knowledge (based on info leaked onto the BBS) this is the extent of the changes. Not even the MEMS was altered.
Rob Bell

...but of course then you need to do the suspension...
David Bainbridge

This thread was discussed on 20/02/2002

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