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MG MGF Technical - Solar battery trickle charger

See link below. Seems like a good product to keep batteries healthy on occasionally used cars. For the F, wires could be added connected to the battery allowing the charger to be located in the car and simply plugged in when leaving the car. All assuming it is parked outdoors like mine. Would welcome peoples views.
DW Staniforth

I have one of those. Bought it last spring as I have had problems with the F repeatedly flattening its battery. Worked fine all through the summer and lulled me into a false sense of security. Once the weather cooled off in the autumn and I wasn't using the car very much the battery went totally flat again.

Now I have a battery conditioner permanently on, running from a mains lead extension from the garage onto the forecourt where the car sits.

Seems that even this 4 watt version does not give sufficient output in dull conditions.


Andrew Dear

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