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MG MGF Technical - somethings just not quite right

HI All
as you can see by my tread my 97f is just not quite right
i will tell you what is happening and were i am at with it
on a very hot day around 38c about 100f my wife leaves home car starts no problems runs very well for about 20km car is showing normal temp normal oil temp all seams ok then traveling at speed about 90 to 100kmph car suddenly looses power for a few seconds then takes off again now in town at lights the car stalls very hard to start she gets it going and limps in to work on the way home out side temp is now about 26c drives home no problems
what have we done so fare
had computer checked all fine
leads good
fuel pump ok
distributor cap ok
plugs ok
fuel ok same fuel as my other 97f we only get it from the same place
so any help
i have it at my local workshop that has been looking after my cars and it does it for them too but they seam at a loss too
thanks Andrew in Australia

AR Cayzer

It could be fuel filter as it's in the engine compartment and maybe fuel vaperisation or just needs replacing. I think you'v gone through most of the other checks.
Andrew W Regens

Hi Andrew,

I'd have exected fault codes to be logged on the ECU, was it a full MGR TestBook hookup?

Was this happening on every hot day, and only then? If it's definitely ambient temperature related, it might even be the ECU overheating. Which might account for why it's not reporting a fault, perhaps?
Mike Hankin

Hi Mike and Andrew
yes it only happens on really hot days
good idea about changeing the fillter i will do that and i had a look at the archives on this site wow the infomation on problems you know if you looked on this site before you feel in love with these cars you wouldent buy one just as well driveing them is just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on ha ha
i think i will get the leads replaced and distributor cap as well
Andrew are you going to the melbourne mg car show on the 4 march in melbourne i am a member off the geelong club and will be there
thanks again for your help guys
Andrew victoria
AR Cayzer

Andrew have you thought i could be the extreme cold you guys are having that is the problem you see in England it's 105 deg today so!!!!

lucky buggers !!

Hope you sort the problem out..

Sat in a raining grey miserable yorks day...
Jeff Wilson

AR, I should be there on the 4th with my new look ! see you then.
Jeff, I am so envious ( sat in a raining grey miserable yorks day )we havn't seen rain for so long, car washing along with lots of other water based things has been banned, But its 30C again so can drive with the roof down and keep up the sun tan !.

Andrew W Regens

Had something very similar, turned out to be a loose battery connection--V.easy fix, sounds like a poor connection somewhere, try switching every electrical item on and see if it compounds the problem
manny fagnet

Andrew it must be Hell a bit like watching England try and play cricket over there at the mo!!

Anyway it's great here today blue sky's 110 degrees absolutly boiling !!!!
Jeff Wilson

O Jeff I Dont think you want us to start on cricket do you
ha ha
I am off to pick up car today so i will know about lunch time if they had any luck with the ideas you have past on to me and i will come back to you on how it goes
PS we are hoping for some rain over the week end i havent had a droop off rain over my home for nealy 16 weeks
AR Cayzer


At least we haven't lost 5 in a row we are on a roll 4 wins in a row !! World Cup here we come......

I AM ONLY JOKING HONESTLY before all you aussie's jump on me. We were crap in the test series an absolute disgrace they didn't deserve to wear the shirt..
However in the one day game we played well..

Jeff Wilson

And in three weeks time I'll be watching them try to keep it up Jeff! Hope its not too hot.....;o)
C.R.B. Simeon

no luck car now needs its ecu and coil sent off they couldent fault the ecu on its own but when it was all together they then found it still had miss with the spark and have followed the problem to the coil being sent infomation to the ecu so we wont get an update now till tuesday next week
more up dates to follow
AR Cayzer

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