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MG MGF Technical - Son of Soggy Carpets

I've got a similar problem to that listed in 'Soggy Carpets'. But in my case it is my drivers side carpets that are very wet, just below the pedals. I've had a 'car cap' for a little while now and this doesn't seem to help, but the car only gets used on dry weekends so it may have not had the chance to dry out now.

I looked at the heaterbox using the instructions in the 'Soggy Carpets' thread to work out how long it would take and what tools I would require. I was surprised to see that the plastic cover had already been undone at least once (as the nuts hadn't been done up properly). As the heater box is on the passenger side and the carpet behind the 'dash' and at the back of the footwell is dry I'm not sure that it is the same thing.

Any ideas what it could be? The 'quarter light' (the rubber bit with the wing mirror mounting)?


Simon Pawson

From Vin 500389 they used different nuts to secure the pedal mounting plate and clutch master cylinder to the body.

Earlier ones had fluted threads which could supposedly let water in, tho this sounds a remote possibility to me it could be the problem as your leak is 'under the pedals'.

Get on your back and painfully gaze up under the steering colunm/wheel, look for signs of drips coming from the ends of the bolts inside the car that fix the pedal mounting plate to the body.

If there is, whip the plastic cover off again and bodge the offending bolt head with sealant around its top or change the bolts.

FS 106165 - pedal bracket to body
LYG 10040 - clutch master cylinder to mounting plate

John Thomas

Mysterious one. When fitting Mike Satur's brake pedal lowering kit, I noticed that the rubber grommits that act as a weather seal for the holes where the pedals pass through the bulk head had become displaced. I fitted them back as best as I could.

I wonder if this could be another potential cause for your car's wet carpets?

Rob Bell

Thanks for the suggestions.

The car is outside in the heavy rain at the moment minus it's Car Cap. I intend to crawl round the front as soon as the rain stops. I felt round the pedal stems and they didn't seem wet so I'll have a better look when(if) the weather improves. As the car is normally diagonally on a fairly steep slope with the drivers side front at the lowest the water may have run from somewhere else. It is now just parked down the slope to try and make things easier.

Thanks again,

Simon Pawson

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