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MG MGF Technical - Soon to be a new MGF driver. :o)

Guys & Gal's

This evening I'm picking up my new 2001 MGF, I'm new to the MG scene and would appreciate your help and guidance on how to maintain my new little gal.

Are there any problems which are common to MGF's? (hopefully none) If so what should I look out for?

Unfortunately, the Sun aint shinning in Yorkshire today is that a bad omen? ;o)

Thanks in advance

B Beesley


What are you doing this weekend?

The MGCC annual do is being held over Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd (tomorrow onwards) at Silverstone.

This is the worlds largest gathering of MGs and there is tonnes of stuff to do - it really is one of the main highlights of the year.

You can spend as short or as long a time there as you want and it is probably the best place to find out about the MGF (other than on here of course!) :-)

Have a look on the MGF General board and you'll see there are loads of threads going on about Silverstone on there at the moment.

I can't think of a better way to begin you F ownership.


Scarlet Fever

Firstly Welcome abored,

>Are there any problems which are common to MGF's?
Tracking (check for inner tyre wear expecially on the front tyres) easily fixed

Naff tyres, NCT's are the only 'recommended' fit, but they are sh*te in the wet, have a look in the archive for alternatives (you are already a member, so it's just a click away)

HGF, not as common as is made out here (don't get too scared) but costly to replace

Sunburn ;-)

'The Dark Side'

Will Munns

First things first.... Welcome.

Now, you're in a particularly good position, you live within a stones throw of Mike Satur ( As you already know MGF's need special attention and care in their servicing and maintenance and Mike is among the top respected member of this list. You will soon discover the regular company names mentioned here.

You are also going to pick the car up at a particularly good time. This weekend sees the biggest event or MG's of anywhere in the would (I'm sure you haven't missed the thread) Silverstone. A run from Yorkshire to Silverstone would be a good way to start ownership.

The BBS is a wealth of information (most topics are covered on a regular cycle, however, if you need to know anything the BBS Archive is a good place to start. There you will find a million threads most of which entitled 'what Tyre pressures' :0)

Many of the BBS members have their own excellent web sites my two favourites: Rob Bell's

and Deiter's

Again welcome and enjoy the car.

tim woolcott


In addition to SF's excellent advice about the MGCC Silverstone weekend (there really is no better place to start your F ownership) check out Rob Bell's excellent site at

This will also get you started. Other than that - keep tuning into this board!



OK Tim beat me too it :-)

Thanks lads.

I hope to learn alot from you guys over time, your help is much appreciated. :o)

Looks like it's going to be Silverstone this weekend! Can I still get a ticket?

B Beesley

I think they should still be available on the gate. According to they are.

Thanks for the mention guys :o))

Brett, welcome to the club :o)

And happily, Silverstone tickets can be purchased on the gate, so no problems.

You'll be able to meet up with the fellow 'afflicted' if you come along to the BBQ - see the MGF general threads... :o)
Rob Bell

You will always be able to get in - cost a couple of quid more for tickets on the gate - however if you are going on the Sunday try and be there earlyish (before lunch) to ensure you get a parking slot in the MGF/TF area - my 'slot' will be empty this year as I have a family affair to attend.

Enjoy your day and welcome to the BBS

Ted Newman


Each Marque of MG has its own particular paddock area, so there is no hit and miss about meeting fellow MGF peep's.

N564 PHM
tim woolcott


Should have been going to Whitby this weekend, but just been 'discussing' the change of arrangements with our lass and she's agreed - Silverstone sounds like fun.

If it isn't she'll bleedin murder me! And it will cost me a fortune in "I'm sorry Honey" presents.

BBQ? No better incentive really is there!? :o)

B Beesley

Hi Brett,

Best thing to do is to not worry about the "problems" as they really are in the minority.
Just enjoy the car. :-)
We all do!!

Paul Nothard

Oh and something else, If you haven't driven a rear wheel drive car before, they handle diffrently, _DO NOT_ push the car in the wet especially on courners, and especially not after a dry spell... on that note, a new thread...."1st Lotus"
Will Munns

One more thing, there is loads of info on the web about the car. Pretty much everything you'll ever want to know.

Ask a question on here and 9 times out of 10 you'll be pointed in the direction of a website or two with the answers on it.

There are two FAQ sites, these are a good place to start. I'm at work at the moment so i don't have the URLs to hand, but i'm sure someone else will be along soon with the addresses. :-) Dieter and Rob Bell's personal sites are a goldmine of useful information (they are linked above already). And if you want to tinker with the car then there a numerous suppliers of aftermarket items and website showing you how to fit them.

As an example, followng an accident i am currently re-building my F, live on the net!

There is already an extensive archive of step-by-step instructions on stripping out the entire interior and a large number of body panels. I have the front sub-frame to tackle next, but i'll be in a tent at Silverstone this weekend so it'll just have to wait! :-)

This, as far as i know, is a unique project. I can't think of any other car which has this level of information on the net. :-)

>> <<
Scarlet Fever

Welcome Brett

I have owned my 1999 VVC for fourteen months, and love to drive the car.
It has been totally reliable and 100% fun.
The MGF is a good car, but benefits from an enthusiastic owner which you sound like.
I have learned lots about my car using this website and everyone helps everyone get maximum enjoyment from their cars.
Treated with respect and serviced regularly by someone who is a good engineer, the cars will do high mileages and give little trouble.

Good luck and enjoy.

Tony H

Bret this BBS is in fact a great source of information. In fact no matter how trivial a question you post you will always get a speedy reply. Usually you will get the same answer repeated by a dozen folk all agreeing with the previous persons analysis. One word....WHY ? its like asking someone the time and 10 folk all reply at the same time. pointless. ONCE IS ENOUGH GUYS !!
Max Headroom

Max Headroom,

There's no harm in additional opinions, even if they only support previously expressed ones!
Tim Jenner

Max Headroom,

There's no harm in additional opinions, even if they only support previously expressed ones!

Couldn't resist it :-)

Max Headroom,

There's no harm in additional opinions, even if they only support previously expressed ones!

Might as well follow the sheep myself !
Max Headroom

You can not expect a robot to understand human actions so just humour it.

Ted Newman

Welcome from me also Brett, perhaps meet you at Silverstone,if your around Sat night come and say hi to many enthusiasts from bbs at huge BBQ at my tent in gen camp area approx 7pm onwards, enjoy your experience with your F, Dave T6 DCM.
DC Morris

"And it will cost me a fortune in "I'm sorry Honey" presents."

I didn't think wind-stops were that expensive these days... ;-)

See you at Silverstone!


I picked her up last night, and she's wonderful! I was bleedin freezing but I had to pop the hood and haven't stopped smiling yet, apart from having ear-ache. ;o)

I've dealt with the jibes at work "Why have you bought a Hair-dressers car?" and remarks like that. Jealously is a disturbing thing! ;o)

I've checked the tyres (I've been following the thread on tyre types) and my F has GY Eagle Touring on the front 185/55/15 and NCT 5 205/50/15 on the rear are these the right tyres?


B Beesley

Suffereing ear-ache....Pa! you'll want more. In the months to come you'll be crying out for a K&N air filter (makes the car sound like it ought to)

The eagle goodyears are the standard items and as a tyre they're better than average but not brilliant. Many use F1's. Toyo, or Bridgestones. I'm sure you'll hear more about these. There is a thread on tyres every few days.

(And guys, rather than going in to the depate right now lets not bore the Brett there is a thread running already :0)

Glad you love the car. ONe tip, always take care when lowering the hood. Give the rear window a 'karake chop' to get rid of the creases and be careful lowering the roof in cold weather, the plastic becomes brittle and will crack. This will eventually happen but best not provoke the issue.


tim woolcott

Thanks Tim.

I'm also using the advice given on BBS to use a towel as a cushion when popping the roof to stop creases.

Do you have any advice on stopping cats sitting on the roof, without resorting to a cover? The pesky things always used to sit on my Laguna and watch me!


B Beesley

I would suggest a Hood mate or sun mate cover from Mike Satur anyway, cat or not. They're versatile too. They not only keep the hood clean but make a useful cover when parking the car and the hood is down and under its tonneau and it makes a good ground sheet for sitting on and all for 40-50 quid bargain.!
tim woolcott

Do you have any advice on stopping cats sitting on the roof, without resorting to a cover

I'm told by those more in tune with their feminine sides (promise I've never tried it myself) that Oil of Lemon works. Get it from any good essential oil shop or take some home from the next massage parlour visit.

Rottweiler - keeps the cats off mine!


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