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MG MGF Technical - Sorry but more tuning

Brought a copy of the CCC mag today. An interesting article on a 170bhp Elise. 18.i with ported head bigger valves, sports exhaust K&N 571 filter, VVC inlet manifold. Seemed too many horses for such a limited mod, so I phoned to find out more. The guys seem very knowledgeable and stated that if you go the CAM's route that it will not pass the MOT and you do not need cams or to change the MEMS to get more bhp. They claimed that they had extensively tested the car with diferent mods and found that the setup they use gives the best torgue in low as well as high rev ranges. We then got onto the F. They are currently working on a tunning package which will take about 8 weeks to completed. They will be testing for more BHP but what to retain good torgue at low rev ranges, as the car is hevier than the Elise and needs low down torgue for quick acceleration a round town. He went on to say that it will consist of a gas flowed head and changes to the inlet and exhaust outlet flow as this is the restrictive element in the K series engine, 1.8 variant. He did not give a price for the conversion and turn down my acceptance of beeing a guinea pig. Damm it, they have just brought a demonstator.

Anyways enough talk. The morale of the story is that in thier opinion cam conversion may cause MOT failures. You do not have to change the MEMS. And you can get good BHP from gas flowing and bigger valves, without low down torgue loss. I hope the price is right. O almost forgot they test all the development on a rolling road, which they also own and they have been in the business for 25 years.

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Steve , this is not new ground we did a lot of development work with the K head over two years ago, the outcome was our stage one head ,this was printed in a article in MG world April/May 1998. We achieved 126BHP at the wheels with a massive increase in torque.Prices are on our web page.

170bhp on the stock cams? I just don't believe it. Shame CCC didn't put the car on the rollers and get some numbers, all they really did was regurgitate what LAD had told them.

Regarding cams & MOT, it just depends how wild you go with the cams. The MOT emissions test are simply steady-state running at 2 different rpm if I remember correctly - the closed-loop lambda system on the MEMS should be able to cope with this with any hydraulic profile surely.

Mike Bees

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