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MG MGF Technical - Sorry Fuse F6 keeps blowing car wont start

Sorry this a correction of the one below but I listed the fuse incorrectly The fuse is F6 under the bonnet.
I have searched through the archives and cannot find anything similar to my problem so far. Handbook says it covers Engine management, fuel pump,inertia switch starting.....

I was driving my car mgtf 1.6 last week when all of a sudden the hazard lights start flashing and the engine cuts out. After numerous attempts to try and start the car again I was picked up by the AA who told me that my '30A' fuse or 'number 6 fuse' keeps blowing. I have replaced it now a few times but the car runs fine for five or less minutes and then breaks down again.. I filled up the oil and petrol thinking it was an engine management system but behold the problem continues! I keep finding similaposts r.e. fuse number 1 but am completely stumped at this..

If anyone can think of what it could be please let me know. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

b brian

Brian, I am not certain but from the manual I have which covers up to MY2001 Link 6 is rated at 60A. There wouldn't be any mix up between 'fusible link' and 'fuse' would there? However it may well not be the exact circuit diagram for your model.
The symptoms of blowing not immediately but after some time suggest this as a possibility. HTH

Hi Brian,
I've been studying the circuit diagram. The fuse you describe supplies power to the stepper motor and the purge valve. The steppper motor would be my first check.
Good luck.
W A Nixson

Thanks guys great help but what's a stepper motor or purge value, you've got me. Cheers
b brian

Hi Brian,
Should have made it more clear. The stepper motor controls the idle air control (IAC) valve and is plumbed into the throttle body. It is situated forward and to the offside of the TB and roughly just behind and in line with the oil filler cap on the engine itself - not the dipstick assy. The evaporative emission cannister, purge valve is just to the right (o/s) of the engine control module (ECM).
Am I right in thinking that the engine is okay until it warms up? The purge valve remains shut when the engine is cold or just idling.
Hope I am on the right track and this is ofsome help.
Good luck.
willyphixitt (I'm sure he will!!!)
W A Nixson

In case you don't get on with that ideas.
Check the wiring to the Oxygensensor at the exhaust manifold.

Hi guys thanks again will try these this weekend the only contradition was that it does fail when the engine is warm, it's totally erratic You can start up drive away and a 10 miles later the fuse blows. Another time you start it up go to pull away and the fuse blows.....
I'll let you know.
b brian

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