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MG MGF Technical - Sound of K&N panel filter on MG F VVC


Having studied carefully the excellent power curves referred to in the FAQ, I know that the fitting of a K&N panel filter won't give much extra power to speak of on a VVC engine. However, I wonder if it still gives a slightly nicer sound. I would be interested to hear from people who still have the standard exhaust and the K&N panel filter (before I get that comment: I have decided against the 57i cone filter for insurance reasons).


Hi Per,

I had a panel filter before upgrading to the 57i.

I have a 1.8i- and as the text with the power cuves suggest ( this results in a very useful improvement in drivability over standard. VVC is rather less convincing. But the insurance issue is often more compelling.

WRT sound, there is a small increase- and very satifying it is too. Less than a quarter of the volume/ quality of the 57i but much nicer than standard.

This is the filter the car should be sold with as standard. IMHO.


Rob Bell

Hi Per,

I had a panel filter from K&N in with standard exaust, it was nice, but now I have built in a K&N x-stream!Whow, what a sound. I still have to solve the clean air intake problem, but it is a great difference.
Power still lacks, though, but it might be solved by adding a air intake pipe.

regards Markus

This thread was discussed on 24/01/2000

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