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MG MGF Technical - Sounds Expensive?

My F has developed a high pitched gearbox whine, only currently noticable in third gear.
Its one of those faults that has crept up on the driver and has probably got progressively worse.

Its especially loud when going down a hill and using engine braking to slow the car.

I know I've driven the car hard but have I ruined the gearbox ?!?!

The car is at the main agents having its five year, 50000 service. Any remarks would be grateful since I dont want to be fobbed off with MGR's most expensive ineffective fault fix.

Ensure a gearbox oil change is done - then see if the noise is appreciably different.

When does the gearbox oil need to be changed?
To my knowledge and all the service history print outs it has never been changed.
Many thanks for the reply... I suppose if that doesnt work Ill have to phone the warranty company.

I don't know whether the standard Service Schedule lists it but most cars have a 'box oil change every few years. If not, it will say ' check and top up as necessary' but if there is not a level plug then the only way to check the right amount is in there is to drain and refill from scratch. Good practice anyway as all oils degrade with temp and time to some degree. Also a close examination of the oil you drain out can tell you a lot - if you see metal chips or fine filings or a brass-coloured 'dust' in the oil, it's a sure sign that all is not well.

Thanks for the information David.
The car has just been at the dealer for a service. The oil level is fine... but a bearing has worn in the gearbox.
Is this unusual for the F?
Luckily though, the warranty will cover this.

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