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MG MGF Technical - Sounds like a bag of washers!

I have noticed a strange sound coming from the rear near side (UK car), that sounds like a light metallic 'jangling'

It only occurs when the car is moving, not stationary and does not appear to make any difference whether the car is in gear or not

I have also noticed a slight pulsating 'feel' to the car at speed (frequency typically every second), this may or may not be related

Does anyone have any previous experience / suggestions of this problem? - possible cost of repair and likelihood of (3rd party) warranty cover would also be helpful with any suggestions



Its possible that one of your rear shock absorbers has disconnected itself due to a worn bush. Its not unknown!

The standard fix would be to fit replacement bushes available from Mike Satur et al, which is much cheaper than the MGR approach of fitting new shockers!


That is what it sounds like to me too Neil... Not overtly dangerous Philip, but something that needs attention ASAP.
Rob Bell

Thanks for this guys - I'm a bit clueless when it comes to mechanicals - is there any simple visual check I can do to confirm this?

Who am I best to take it to for repair - an MGR main dealer or reputable independent?

Very simple.

Probably simplest to remove the rear wheel (you can do it by crawling underneath!)

Look for the shock absorber (its a 1.5" diameter or so tube-shaped piece) that SHOULD be attached to the axle. It is inboard of the brakes.

If its not attached (as we suppose) then remove the bolt and reattach it (maybe find a suitable, big washer to hold it in place until you can get some replacement bushes).

The hydragas suspension damps pretty well on its own with out additional shock absorbing, so that's why its not too critical.


This thread was discussed on 26/03/2002

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