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MG MGF Technical - Sourcing a K&N

Having now been convinced by many entries on this site, I am in the market for the above. Can any one please let me know a supplier with keen prices?

Are these easy to fit or would you recommend a professional's touch?



Try our dear old friend, Lesley Smith, at

Other options from Brown and Gammons, and Mike Satur.
Rob Bell


See thread further down, but either B&G (Brown and Gammons) or K&N in the UK

I got mine from B&G for about 100 inc delivery and packing. You'll also need to get some cable ties see Robs Site

Just do it ;o)


Rob, quick off the fraw as usual.

Nick you'll find fitting info on Robs site as well as a few others. It is really simple, the only thing that concerned me was removing so much, but thats why cone filters add soo much to the F. Fitting the filter was first thing I did and in all honesty it probably took under 30mins

Beware though this is only the start



or you could buy mine...

K&N for mpi / vvc complete with box, instructions, two air pipes
used for 3 months
as new
only 2500 miles (service history to prove)
cost 95+vat+delivery

for 45 + postage



Thanks both for this. If it delivers the differences that so many say it does, I think an exhaust may follow...

I'll keep you posted!

Many thanks


The exhaust was one of my next upgrades, after the brakes. Mike Satur's Daytona is superb, it just makes the car sound more like a sports car. Not overly loud, you just no its there, especially with the roof down.

The trouble with all this is that it gets infectious.

Have fun


Yup, I'm another Daytona fan - it sounds lovely :o) As you say DJ, whilst it is audible, it never gets noisey or unpleasant. But then, I am someone who had a Trevor Taylor for 3years!

>>The trouble with all this is that it gets infectious.<<

Tell me about it - the next thing you know, you start seriously considering one of Dave Andrew's heads, along with multiple throttle bodies and an extractor 4-2-1 exhaust manifold! LOL
Rob Bell

other instructions in the MGF FAQ at

dead easy to fix well worth the sffort.
David Mills

i could get that if you want, got a deal going at the moment.
1.8 and VVC 57i kit 87.97 delivered.

Drew Spalding

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