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MG MGF Technical - SP Exhaust WOW

Dear All

I have just had Dave B's old SP Exhaust fitted on to my F. F'ing hell wow it sounds like a TVR.

I certainly got good looks from a gorgeous blond at the bus stop as I drove by, with the roof down.

I think that I am going to order my K & N this week.



PS feel sorry for the neighbours though.

1.8i BRG N440 GYG SP Exhaust ;)

Sunil, i just put my K&N on, no exhaust yet, but again the noise is smart. i just need to save up for the exhaust now.

I have spent the weekend phoning people up (handsfree obviously) and saying... listen to this ..... usually followed by - what the hell was that, and i'm very happy to let them know thats its just my little MGF.

Funil, or whatever you are, if you think that a blonde is giving you a look because your exhaust sounds loud means something then you must have a penis the size of your brain. Sounds like a TVR ? I don't think this comparison is ever going to be real is it ? Don't worry I have an F with a Janspeed and love it, but you really are the ticket - you must be what 18 and without woman. Best go back to your mags boy.

Bl**dy hell Will

Did you have a bad day or something? Sunil is a regular here and posts useful stuff. No need to have a major go at him just 'cause he likes the sound of his exhaust!!!

Stefan Gibney


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So far this one.
Will ??? Ahmm, Casey, is it you ? :)

I also like the TVR sound, but no reason to flame anybody personally.

Dieter Koennecke

Matt, the K&N seems to disappear with the SP, but it all blends in to a richer sound.

Sunil, as they say - big car, small dick. That's why we got little MGFs!

What about the "MG midget" owners then?........;)

You gave me an idea, Dieter.
I searched for "Fabrice" in the Technical archive : "The search returned 481 matches in 239 threads" !!!
My god, I've spend alot of time here for 2.5 years !

About the SP noise : I like it also, but yes, when cold, it souds different and louder.
I think the SP make the F sound rather like a "race" car when some other exhausts make the F sound like "bigger engined" cars.
Like Gareth says, with the SP, you don't hear the K&N, except at (very) low revs. I fitted the SP after the K&N, so I don't know how it sounds alone ...
The look of the SP is my favourite, although Mike Satur's daytona with large oval bores looks good on picture.
The SP is also one of those giving the more extra bhp ...

And finally, for the lucky people "down under", there's the DT system that looks very interesting :

now 482 matches in 240 threads !

Hi Fabrice,

according to the DT system. Me and another german chap had some mails with DT and the Australian F-Register chaps two month ago.
Result 4me... a lot advertising, but not much behind it. ;-)

Another australian sounds much more common there. A system from Hi-Flow. As far as I recall it comes together with a wide manifold and catbypass.
'Hot-Jet' pipes, means ceramic-aluminum covered pipes to isolate the heat.
Hans J. Pedersen
HP High Performance Products
Victoria. Australia
Ph. +61 3 9874 1800

Check it out. Roger from the Australian F-Register wrote about their supercharger test also. But I didn't follow up after my accident.

Anyway its far to expensive to think about any oversea transportation, but if somebody likes to pay about 800GBP ++ ??

That german chap (Martin) wanted a loud one ;)... and went for the Trevor :))
Ahhhhm, he currently complains about head aches on long rides... ROFL
(please don't LOL about our english skills, we try our best) ;-)
I warned him regarding the noise after having asked Rob ! but who beleaves an old german ;-)

PS FAO dick and that problems ;-) what about the MINI owners, though??
Dieter Koennecke

Well, I did try to warn him Dieter! ;o)

Best advice to live with the Trevor Taylor system (which really is LOUD, but sounds wonderful) is to:

1. NOT use a Pipercross filter - or any other filter for that matter - bolted directly to the throttle body. This just compounds the resonances. Fit a spacer pipe - like the K&N filter - to reduce noise. This has the added benefit of releasing a bit more top end power! ;o)

2. Put some additional sound deadening material on top of the engine cover- it makes quite a difference- especially with the roof up.

3. always listen to uncle Bob! ;o) ROFL

Rob Bell

Thanks Dieter & Fabrice
Here I was chasing up buying a exhaust system from Mike Satur in England and I read your comments about Systems available in Australia. They certainly dont advertise very well over here in Western Australia, as I have been trying these last 2 weeks to get a system here to no avail. I have emailed the two speialists you mentioned and hope to here from them this week, inthe mean time please accept my thanks, It goes to show one should always read all the threads on the BBS, one never knows what news one can pick up. Thanks again Chaps from an ex Pom retired down under !!! Peter Holland
Peter Holland

Lovely exhaust systems, but what about the exhaust manifold. Have you seen those weldings. Are there any pictures of these on the web? If someone could do something in this area, there is big room for improvement on bhp etc.

Dear Will

I am not even going to waste my time on you get a life mate.

F*ck it I'll have a little dig at you...

Janspeed, what did you get that off your little brothers Mark2 Escort



1.8i N440 GYG BRG

PS the GF loves it too. :P

>>Lovely exhaust systems, but what about the exhaust manifold. Have you seen those weldings. Are there any pictures of these on the web? If someone could do something in this area, there is big room for improvement on bhp etc. <<

The welds aren't pretty. I hadn't appreciated the degree of restriction until I saw a spare that Rog 'had lying around'. Why are the welds on the INSIDE of the pipes? Wierd.

Alternatives are available that should fit the MGF. They are manufactured for the mods-mad Elise market. QED sell a 4-2-1 system. Go to

See for a full list of K series engine tuners.

Rob Bell


Glad you like it mate, didn't think you'd be disappointed!!!! Just get that K&N sorted now & you're laughing.

I take it you didn't have any difficulties fitting it??

Have fun


P.S Sports exhaust on the Elise shortly......

No, the SP does not make an F sound like a TVR but with an 1800 4cyl this would be hard to do. The sound of the SP (when warm) is higher pitch and sounds more like Formula three from a distance, that sort of swarm of Bees under a bucket sound.

The K&N is hardly heard from outside the car and you only hear it (mostly) when accelerating. The main reaon for the air filter is performance, the main reason for the exhaust is the noise it makes.

So many people on this BBS seem to think that the main point of it is to slag of others for no apparent reason apart from they like giving people crap (coz I can't say SH*T).

As for the blond, I found it was hard to get round the fact that the F has many adoring fans, I have none. The thing you have to realise it's the car people are looking at and not the driver.
Tony Smith

Manifold pictures...

have got one from the australian HI FLOW.

looks a bit crazy, does it?


Dear All

I am a bit pissed off, my mates, who are VW/Audi/BMW specialists said that the exhaust sounds more like an Escort.

I now think that they are not so far off the truth, I reminds me of a cross between an Escort or a Nova.

They were never really convinced that the MGF is any good, I suppose this is what comes of people who are used to German engineering. And another blow was the following comment "nice one mate, you have turned an okayish car in to an Escort", I think that there was a complement there :)

Oh well I hope that the K & N will make a difference.



1.8i BRG N440 GYG

>mates, who are VW/Audi/BMW specialists

No need to be a speciallist for that owners.

They only need to know how to install 'foliatec' 'carbon filler-cap surrounds' and 'central arm wipers' and this anodized strong extra tension bars under the bonnet....

Oh, I forgot, for an Escort this option also could be useful:

Dieter Koennecke


>> Manifold pictures... <<

Is this manifold real?? Looks more like one of those joke jpegs that gets sent around via e-mail! <g>

Stefan Gibney

Oh dear!

Dieter, I've seen some sad tail pipes in my time, but unless he's really got a helicopter turbine running under the bonnet i think it may be a bit over the top.

Nick ;-)

Nice one Dieter,there is a local club here in Frankfurt who drive around with 1990 Audi 80 etc and DTM style pipes which look like SP exhaust pipes,I think there average age is about 19.I just dont see the point, Foliatec what a joke,and have you noticed how the opel calibra has picked up where the Manta left off.

Reagards Stuart
Stuart Whiteway


Have a look at some of the bike exhaust manifolds - not unlike the one that Dieter shows. I understand that it is due to the requirement to have all the exhaust pipes the same length to achieve perfect exhaust harmony, even my large BMW tourer has strange twisted thingy under its skirts.

Ted Newman


Don't really think the exhaust note of an SP is the same as the one of a Nova or an Escort.

But I know an Escort, and when the bloke really goes down, he can see the flames in the rearview mirror. The thing is giving more than 220bhp, and definatly doesn't sound as good as many F's.

Try playing with the sound produced by the SP, it's totally different through the whole rev-range (from low to high pitched).

and keep smiling, otherwise you'll be the first SP-driver without a grin on his face.


Sunil wrote...

>> Dear All

I have just had Dave B's old SP Exhaust fitted on to my F. F'ing hell wow it sounds like a TVR. <<

Look after that exhaust, i know it very well (having been Dave B's personal mechanic for longer than i care to remember!!!!!)

SF (Ex SP, now MS Daytona)

Scarlet Fever

hehe :)

I am looking after it well but I am a bit worried about the Cat sitting lower than normal.

Can anything be done about this ?



1.8i BRG N440 GYG

Anyone know the website address for SP ? I tried "" as per their advert but it didn't work!

Dear Bob

The reason is because sp performance is no longer operating, if you want a SP exhast check out Brown & Gammons or Moss.



Sunil wrote...

>> I am looking after it well but I am a bit worried about the Cat sitting lower than normal.

Can anything be done about this ? <<

Hmmm, the SP, unfortunately has no real height adjustment to the main box, having a fixed height support bracket & an adjustable one to get the tailpipes even. This means that the height of the box is essentially fixed & that the only adjustment to the cat height is by raising or lowering the tialpipes (ie raising the pipes will pivot the exhaust on the support brackets, lowering the cat & vice versa). This is common with the vast majority of exhaust systems (including the standard one) & is IMO completely unacceptable. The SP however, is the worst offender in this category due to it's massive tailpipe finishers, giving little or no adjustment. This was one of the reasons why the SP came second in our exhaust tests, it just wasn't as flexible as the MS system. However, dispite this niggle, the SP is a first class exhaust & i wouldn't hesitate to recommend one to anyone thinking of fitting a sports system. The other thing to consider is that the box on the SP is substantially narrower than the standard one. This will give the illusion that the cat is lower than normal when viewed from behind when in reality it isn't.

Sorry i can't be more constructive on this issue Sunil, if SP/Miltek had given the installation a little more thought then it is highly likely to have come top in our tests as it consistently scored highly in all other areas.

Scarlet Fever

>I tried "" as per their advert but it didn't work!

Bob, as far as I recall, they closed down about one year ago. But the exhausts where OEM Miltec in any way.

Somebody may correct this please if I'm wrong.

Dieter Koennecke

I think B&G sell the Miltec systems now under the same names SS & GT. They have a christmas sale at the moment. B&G, please note all the plugging I give you. How many brownie points do I need for a free set of 16" wheels :-)
Tony Smith

I assume they are talking about the the RS Cosworth. Which incidentally sounds nothing like a MGF with an SP either. Your mates are just taking the piss in a similar way to the way I did when I was 13 at school. They are just jealous because your life style allows you to drive around in a two seater open top sports car. Others need space for the kids and mother in law. They have to think about practical issues, you, obviously do not.
Tony Smith

Thanks for the steer in the right direction.
From what I've read in this thread, most people opt for a K&N filter when fitting an SP exhaust. Could anyone give me more exact details/ spec etc.?
(and by the way, what became of Stephen Palmer then? I I know they switched to TVR shortly after I bought my F from them but I understood they were continuing the MGF performance parts they marketed)

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