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MG MGF Technical - spare tyre

Read somewhere that you could use the spare wheel from a SAAB as a spare for MGF and MG RV8. Can I also use it on a MG TF
n stjernqvist

Pretty sure SAAB doesn't have the same PCD as the F. Don't know about a TF though.

Johan Slagter

If I remember rightly the spare steel wheel for the F/TF is from an Austin Montego.

Personally I bought a matching alloy with a non directional tyre on so it could go on any corner. Would still need to travel at a reduced speed as having 3 directional & 1 non directional tyre could upset the handling.

Hope this helps,
S Preston

MGF and mgtf have same PCD.

I went for the spare as an optional extra. It was a full size alloy and came with a directional F1 fitted, but with a lower speed rating and same width as the fronts.
David Mills

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