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MG MGF Technical - Spark plugs and HT lead reference

I'm thinking of replacing my 5 year old spark plugs and HT lead on my VVC. I've been through the archive but too many threads and not enough time! So here are my questions:

1 - what is the reference of the standard plugs? Are there any aftermarket plugs I could use? I've read about Bosch Super 4 but I don't think they're platinum.

2 - I'v read about magnecor for the HT lead, what's your opinion about those products compared to the standard HT Lead?

Thanks for your advice

I changed plugs and leads some 42,000km ago. I used Magnecor 8mm HP and platinum plugs and have no complaints. The original plugs and leads were in fine order when I replaced them at 100,000km. They both seem to do their job.
Andrew Regens

Cheapest : NGK BKR6E . Double electrode:NGK BKR6EK
Platina tip: NGK PFR6N-11. The BKR6E that is my alternative (simple but good one ) should be gapped for 0,9mm and renewed approx. every 15.000 km./Carl.

i just changed today the spark plugs and the HT Lead on my VVC 1998/90000 kms, the spark plugs was the NGK PFR6N-11 and the HT Lead was the Magnecor 8mm, i found the spark plugs on ebay for a really good price and the HT lead with B&G, the engine now start better then before, but i would like to know if i pluged the HT lead correctly on the ignition module, does anybody could tell me the order of the HT Lead on their ignition module, thanks for the reply, regards, pascandrea
PS : Jerome, sorry to use your thread for that

thanks for the information.
I think I'll stay with the platinum as I read somewhere (was it Rog?) that it was better not to change the spark plugs too often regarding to the material of the engine (alloy?)

no problem, I think I would have the same question in a few days!

The plugs have a habit of working loose so even if you don't change them at every service you should still check they remain tight, (torque setting is 25nm). My plugs are Champion RC8 PYP, double platinum. My original ht leads only lasted 2 years, when I replaced them because they were shorting onto some nuts on the cam cover.

The replacement Magnecor 8.5mm have lasted 7 years now with no signs of burning, but they are a tight sqeeze into the clips.

The firing order is the standard 1342, but my manual doesn't state how the leads connect up and my car has been borrowed for the weekend,so I can't check physically, sorry.


Finally, I ordered Magnecor 8mm HT lead from B&G and bought NGK BKR6E this morning.
What should be the minimal length of the pipe to reach the spark plugs? I've read they're quite low in the engine and I have a ~15cm pipe only, is it long enough (no sexual relationship of course)?

I changed the plugs and leads after 7 yrs in March 2006. I bought the original plugs and magnecor leads. They make a nice improvement especially when you start the car. The leads are numbered in order, so you wont confuse them when fitting.

15cm pipe is to short.

I checked the length of the pipe, it's longer than 15cm in fact
it's 16cm !!!
I don't think it will make a big difference lol!
How big must be the pipe to catch the plugs then?

30cm, that's the longest I found.
Now, I'm waiting for my HT leads

If possible find a socket with rubber insert. This will grip the plug at the top end and make the plug change so much easier.

Err, could you have a look at this picture please?
I ordered HT Leads (4 wires I presume) but I can see only one cable coming out from the cover of my engine ...
Did I ordered the right reference from B&G ????

I'm afraid I have not the right reference ...

FYI, my VVC was built in 2001

Remove the two screws holding on the HT lead cover and see which way the leads go from the plugs.


I took the picture a few weeks ago as I removed the cover. It's back on the engine now, so I can't check it right now.

I'll receive the HT leads from B&G in a few days but I feel like they won't fit my car!
I read a part of the workshop manual, it states that from 2001, MEMS V3 was used. In that case:
"two ignition coils are mounted on the camshaft cover above the spark plugs for cylinders 1 and 3. Each coil operates a pair of spark plugs using the wasted spark principle. The coil has a plug connection on its lower face and an ht lead which connects to the second plu.
The coil fitted above cylinder 1 is attached to the spark plug for cylinder 1 and the ht lead conencts to the spark plug for cylinder 4. (same for cyl 2 and 3)"
That is why I don't have 4 wires entering under the camshaft cover. On previous version of MEMS (MEMS 2J) there were 4 ignition coils on a coil bracket secured to cylinder block ....
I have a set of HT lead for sale :-(


I fear you are right. :(

You will have a nice set of HT leads for sale. ;-)

Good stuff. I've got the same in last year at B&G.

Yes Dieter, you're right :-(

Anyway, I replaced the spark plugs and took some pictures of the coils for 2001 VVC MEMS 3:

The engine without spark plug cover:

The coil (for cyl 1 and 4):

BMW connector !!!

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