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MG MGF Technical - Sparky plugs, which to choose, to last 20k?

I'm bored.

I want to change my spark plugs.

Which would you choose?

I'd like them to last for about the same mileage as these (the originals), around 22k miles / 18 months.

So, what do you reckon?

Don't the originals usually last 60k miles?

I have a set of K&N sparkers to try out, but plan to wait fot the approaching 60k mile service before swopping. This is so that I can compare new OEM with these K&N jobbies.

Rob Bell

>Don't the originals usually last 60k miles?
remeber that Rog suggested to change them not so late.

As far as I found (NOT APPROVED!!)
This spark plugs should fit to the MGF (MPI and VVC)

- Champion RC8 PYP (guess they are copper only)

Guess this are platinium electrodes
- Unipart GSP 9652 GBP 56,4 (Brown&Gammons is cheaper)
- Bosch Super F 5 DP 0 R

Rob, can you please add data of the K&N ?
Some more will surely be there, but I guess only Rog can sort them here. The Platinium electrodes make them 'long live'.

Need to change mine also (80k km). A description of Rog is also in the archive of 1999 or this year.

Dieter Koennecke

Hi, it's the super spark plug sceptic here!!

Remember I have been a fan of NGK plugs for years and old habits die hard. Other makes have caught up but in reality all the main players are all much the same now.

Anyway standard copper core (or double copper as Champion would describe exactly the same make up!) are good for about 6k miles before performance starts to tail away. This becomes significant by about 8 or 9k miles and so for best results use a 6k mile change point.

NGK fitting here is BKR6E use this to cross reference other makes.

Copper cored plugs are also available with multiple earth electrodes which does offer extended plug life. I find that the difference between 2 3 and 4 earth electrode units is not that great, but will approach nearly double that of the normal plug.

Example here is NGKs double earth electrode plug BKR6EK

Finally there is the 'long life' plug which are platinum tipped. All K series come with these now and they do offer a significantly longer life. The standard Champion OE plugs are said to be 60k or 5 years life span. I know that they do last that long and can go longer BUT once between about 20 to 24k miles have passed there is a tailing off of performance and economy, not much but enough to be felt. New plugs usually sharpens up the engine quite alot.

NGK platinum fittings are PFR6N-11

I find that I get very good results froma plug gap of 0.9mm with single earth electrode plugs. Multiple earth electrodes can't be accurately set with normal feelers so operate with the supplied gaps.

Roger Parker

thanks for your comment.
>Hi, it's the super spark plug sceptic here!

No experiance makes 'sceptic' so I look for the masters voice :)

To add, what I can help .... the locations of NGK sales

NGK Spark PIug Europe GmbH
Harkortstr 41, 40880 Ratingen, Germany :):):)
Phone:49-2102-974000 Fax:49-2102-974099

NGK Spark Plugs(U.K.)Ltd.
Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead Herts, HP2 4SD, U.K.
Phone:44-(0)1442-281-000 Fax:44-(0)1442-281-001

NGK Spark Plug(Australia)Pty.,Ltd.
8 Kingston Town Close, Oakleigh, Victoria 3166, Australia
Phone:61-3-9568-2533 Fax:61-3-9569-6224

NGK Spark Plugs (France) S.A.
122,Avenue Du General Leclerc 92514 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex, France
Phone:33-1-55-60-27-28 Fax:33-1-41-10-80-16

NTK Technical Ceramics(Taiwan)Ltd.
3F, 102, Tun Hwa North Rd. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Phone:886-2-2717-3483 Fax:886-2-2717-3330

I also surfed the NGK webside for MGF info.
No success. They are just ignoring us, nevertheless they ignore the Rover brand ;-). :))

But no problem at all.
If all of you fill this form and ask for MGF K-Engine spark plugs ... lets see what happens.


Dieter Koennecke

Thanks for all your comments.

i can't decide, so I've decided to go for one of each...


... LOL ..
don't forget the 'Julians sparling tes report' then in about 20k miles ;-)

Another one. I got the following answer from NGK today:
If you have the MGF 1800 with VVC you'll want to use the PFR6N-11. If you
have the MGF 1800 without VVC you'll want to use the PFR6G-11.

Sincerely, Jon MacQuarrie
Technical Customer Service Representative
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VehicleType: car
Make: MG
Model: MGF
Year: 1996
Engine Type: Rover K-Engine 16v. 1.8i or VVC
Best regards
Dieter Koennecke

Dieter Koennecke

Sorry, its me again.
Got the following answer on my question regarding the difference between the mpi and vvc type:
The N stands for special side electrode and the G stands for fine wire alloy
center electrode. Unfortunately I have nothing I can attach. These are
both laser welded double platinum spark plugs. They have a platinum center
electrode and ground electrode. Both of these spark plugs are the same heat

Sincerely, Jon MacQuarrie
Technical Customer Service Representative
Dieter Koennecke

Your last post answered my question before I asked it. The 'G' being new to me, not listed in my 1999 NGK book.

Roger Parker

... telepathy *g* [just (again) kidding]

Have you any idea what a 'fine wire alloy
center electrode' can be ? And why this should be used at the VVC?

I don't like to bore the 'Technical Customer Service Representative' with more questions. Would'nt you phone them in the UK ?


Dieter Koennecke

>>Rob, can you please add data of the K&N ?<<

Sorry Dieter, didn't spot this request for info earlier. I have the details at home, so will pass on this information later.

As a bit of general information, they are platinium tipped spark plugs for long service life. K&N also claim a performance advantage for them- don't recall the figures, but 5 bhp on a Ford Cossie? Something like that anyway...

Are they better than OE plugs? We shall see.

Rob Bell

>Are they better than OE plugs? We shall see.
Gues we never will be able to verify it in a approved manner.

I only try to get any spark plug which lasts as long as the original. And this as ever in making a omnibus purchase together with some chaps here in Germany. Suppliers with interest on our little MGF get their advantage and OK, any technical arguments of them are welcome. :)) Thats what I like. Good value for our money included.

Rog explained the requirement of platinium use that time with a guess on repair costs at workshops. The platinum enhances the life time and this of value cause the sparklers are not so easy to assess.

Dieter Koennecke

Got the prices from any german supplier.
Availiable from suppliers only.
Adresses cound be asked at the above stated sales.
Nearly no discount possible.
Both versions cost 35.28 DM (app 11GBP) per piece.
I go to try the PFR6N-11 for my 1.8i.


I'm on NGKs double electrode plug BKR6EK
I changed at 24k and again at 36k when I was sprinting
John Thomas

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