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MG MGF Technical - Spax dampers

I have recently had Spax adjustable dampers fitted to my F. There now seems to be a lot of rattling noises coming from each corner. Is this normal for Spax? I have had an MOT in the last two months and all the suspension bushes and linkages passed fine.
m j kennedy

Whereabouts the front or the back?? How old is the car?? When I put avo's on the car my rear shock absorber mounts cracked.

Since then ive changed to bilsteens and uprated my rear shock bracket and all is grand!
Chris Glen

I've got spax shockers on all corners and mine don't rattle. I've got mine set at a middle setting. Have you maybe got them adjusted too high?
David Clelland

My F didn't rattle with Spax on either.

probably badly fitted

I have my Spax set on the lowest setting on the rear but have a ticking noise which I still haven't been able to identify coming form the drivers side rear only but this appears random, not just when going over bumps etc but sometimes just when driving on the flat.

It was more prominent when I had the adjuster set half way but now I have turned it down to the lowest setting it does not occur as frequently.

Have inspected the welds but there does not appear to be any cracks so I am wondering if it is just a noisy shock.
Chris Catchpole

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Chris G, My F is a '97. I think the mounts should be okay as the rattling started as soon as the spax were fitted. I will keep an eye on them and fit the bracket upgrades you suggest if anything happens.

David C, Mine are set on 21 out of 27. It makes the car a little skittish on really bad surfaces but otherwise okay. I have my ride height at 348mm which is 10mm lower than manufacturer settings but the combination of slightly softer suspension and harder dampers seems to work well.

mike, Maybe - the guy that fitted them so on a lift where the wheels hang loose. Although I trust him I do know that you are only supposed to tighted the bottom fixings with the car on it's wheels i.e. with the dampers at their final position - perhaps the rattle is the bottom rubbers?

Chris C, Perhaps the extra force that the dampers are putting on the suspension are causing one of the other mountings to rattle?
m j kennedy

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