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MG MGF Technical - Speedo/rev cowl

Hi, I have just found out I can get my fingers behind the cowl and have noticed the vibrations when going over bumps etc, so I took it off to find the all 3 clips are broken, now I have just recieved amongst other bits a new one from the great MGF centre, my only problem is that I cant find how to get to the three screws
can anyone help me please !!
cheers in advance..... Jon
Jon (NSE 81V)

No chance to get there without removing the whole dash.
They are hidden behind the adhered air channels.
Got a picture on site.
The only solution is IMO to adher the brocken cowl back.
Paul Lathwell did at his former MGF.
Dieter K.

*g found the pics with my own search engine ;)
Dieter K.

Bol**x - but thanks for the info!I will fit my new K&N today instead ;-))))))and then rip up to Highbury tomorrow to watch the Ar*enal beat Man Ure
Jon (NSE 81V)

I've got this problem too. Tried supergluing the clip at the weekend but didn't take. Gonna try araldite next. Should be able to squidge a dollop on the clip that's still fixed to the dashboard, then wedge the speedo cowl down onto it... Worth a try!

Chris George

If I remember correctly I ended up removing thew cowl completely and then used silicon sealant to effectively stick it back in place. This did do the trick and there's a small chance I have some pictures somewhere that I'll have to try and find.
Paul Lathwell

Right this is how its worked for me ! (i have a 97 Mk 1 btw) i took of the old cowl, now bearing in mind all three clips were broken, i undid the screws which dropped into the chamber of the air duct, I then retrieved them by using a piece of hoover pipe, using the same screws and washers I reversed them ie managed to secure them from the front - a word of warning do the centre one first ! - all managed to bind into there holes and now I have a fully non moving non ratling cowl ;-))) hope this helps you Chris.... Jon
Jon (NSE 81V)

This thread was discussed between 11/04/2003 and 16/04/2003

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