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MG MGF Technical - Split coolant hose


I recently had a head gasket failure and when this was repaired I also had new coolant pipes (metal ones underneath the car) and recored radiator put in as well.

I have just discovered a coolant leak in one of the pipes, which has split where the jubilee clip is attached to the engine block. The pipe is on the front on the engine (near interior of car) and is the pipe that points directly forward goes down and splits into two, pipe has approixmately 1.5" diameter.

Is this pipe easy to replace myself without a ramp, should I phone the establishment that replaced the coolant hoses etc (although there are 100 miles away) or can anyone recommend a local place to look at it (not the local MGR dealership).

Also is there any way to patch it so that it will get me to a garage.

Chris Uren

PS I am situated in Bath
Chris Uren

>should I phone the establishment that replaced the coolant hoses

I think you should have a 6 month lasting *parts warranty*. If so, then yes you will at last get the replacement hose FOC. ... IMO not the works time and costs.

I think the hose you reffer to is the one that *usually* spilts. You are not the first.
IMO not easy to replace. The problkem will be the lower connection joint to the heater circuit.
Remove the engine cover and the LH heat shield and you will see.
The hose on the right of the brown coloured sensor, am I ?
Looks like this at a DE MGF from 2001, ehhy ?

Dieter K.

Yes that is the pipe.

I will call them tomorrow and see what they say.
Chris Uren

May be anyone else from the UK can add some ideas for a *good* complaint ?

>Also is there any way to patch it

Open question. I think if the hole is similar small like on the above picture, then an adhesive tape *adhering like devil* shout temporary help.

*Cyano Acrylat* adhesive and any rubber patch from bicycle hose wrapped with tape may be ?

Anyone ?
Dieter K.

Chris do you wish you kept the beemer now then ?? ;-))) drop me a E as I aint got your e mail addy, hope your both well. Jon
Jon (NSE 81V)

Alright Jon,

Will drop you a line tomorrow.

You can get the sort of fun I get from the cara elsewhere (well you can but me missus wouldn't be happy).

See from the other threads you got your K&N installed.

Am seriously going to have to consider..tried to drive carefully and managed 290 miles out of the last tank ;)
Chris Uren

This thread was discussed on 21/04/2003

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