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MG MGF Technical - Splitter or Spoiler

Which is best for high speed stability? MGF Trophy front spoiler (Rover original ABS) or K&H front splitter. I have managed to get hold of 1 of each and need some advice on which to fit.

The jury is out; no one seems to know for sure.

Of course, you could always hedge your bets and fit both as Erik has done to good effect! (See
Rob Bell

I haven't tried both, so I can't comment on stability, but if pedestrian safety matters to you, get the spoiler. Every time I look at my splitter I have a twinge of conscience just thinking about the damage it could do to someone's ankle.

I know what you mean Chris - I felt the same way, but have since removed it (I replaced the bumper for other reasons and never got around to re-fitting it)
Rob Bell

just to rule out worries with cut pedestrian legs.

The splitter at the first MGF I had was sensitive inspected by a German (pedantic) TÜV engineer.

He released the material used and installation as not dangerous.
But this only after I supplied a swidned Fax from Nick Harris (former KH) stating the material specification in writing as *Glass Fibre with Polyester Resin*, none flameable and that it does'nt splitter or shatter on an impact, but just crack.

The guy was pleased with it finally after I copied (faked) Nick's statement from the Fax to the instructions sheet.
I have this paper still online and it was quite useful for several friends to get an individual release for DE.
(This got more dificult after a EC-rules change in 2002)
So, if it was good for Germany, it should be at last be good (restricted) for the UK aswell. ;)

I've had both the splitter and the spoiler and while they both certainly improve front end stability greatly, any difference between them is neglible.

Just go for the one you prefer the look of!

Ian Matheson

>a swidned Fax from ..

Err, apology, mad typo. This should read:

a signed Fax from ..

If you've got both fit one at a time and see which you prefer!

FWIW I've a Trophy spoiler which I'm very happy with.
Russell Parslow

I would go for the trophy splitter. It makes the car look more aggressive and masculine which i personally prefer.

It doesnt really matter so long as you get one fitted! Frontal lift is a bit of an F issue!

don't bother with the trophy boot spoiler! :-P~


Tempted to go with the Trophy Front Spoiler but need to find someone around Rugby who can make a good job of respraying it from its current Silver to Charcoal to match my car.
David Karle

Word of warning from one who just this very morning thought a kerb was 4 inches lower than it actually was.
I wouldn't be too particular about the paint job, when checking out the damage from the kerbing, I noticed at least 500 million stone stone chips on the rest of it (trophy splitter)it's only been on the car about 6 weeks/3k miles, at this rate, I reckon by Mayday there'll be no paint left on it.
Sikaflex is a mighty fine bonding agent!
g hampson

Try AutoTechnics in Somers Road, Rugby, Tel 01788 541116 for spraying. Does a good job but then, he is my son!

Bruce Caldwell

Spray yourself with cans?
Rugby Body Shop, Buttlers Leap in Rugby.
Rugby Car Care Center, Sommers Road in Rugby. 562162
Stuart Elliot

Fitting Trophy spoiler once I get it back from painting. Any recommendations on fitting? I note it has two holes in each side that align with the bumper fitting screws, although the bottom one is elongated. Does it just fit with these four screws and the adhesive to the bumper or should their be some screws through the large holes in the underside.
David Karle

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