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MG MGF Technical - Spot light kit

Hi All,

I have had a request for info from my local independant mechanic who knows I occasioanlly use this BBS. He has a customer with a newly imported TF who wants spot lights fitting. The original parts have been purchased from Rover spares, but the pack instructions refer to a separate bulletin "B023 / 02" which isn't included. All local dealers have been quized to no avail. Does anybody have a copy or know where it can be sourced? Apparently the kit comes with the wiring loom etc and is now virtually installed. The query is regarding connecting the spots to the 12v supply. If anyone has done this any help would be much appreciated.



No idea Andy, but hopefully, this post will *bump* this up to the top of the list where it might be noticed by someone who can help.

Scarlet Fever

Tell him not to bother with fog lights.

>fed up tailing people with their rear fog light on, just because they want to look cool.

or he could always wire them up independantly.

sorry, just a pet hate, should be illegal to drive around with your fog lights on if they are not needed.
(maybe it is.)

paul weatherill


It is!

Ted Newman

Front fogs in the F are wired and switched independantly

<It is!>

Does that mean it is actually possible to turn off front fog lights on a 318?
Neil Stothert

Only if you install a brain in the driver first!

Ted Newman

>> It is! <<

Up to 1000.00 fine if caught apparently, rarely enforced though (shame!)

Need to make a distinction though between fog and spot/driving lights. Fog lights are independantly switched and should only be used in very poor visibility conditions. Spot/driving lights are wired in via the main beam circuit and therefore (providing you remember to dip your lights) shouldn't dazzle anyone as they are off when passing vehicles.

Incedentally, has anyone been to Halfords and bought a spot light wiring kit to swap the use of the front fogs to driving lamps? (This is how i would have done it if i had them).

SF <--- No fog lights.

I can confirm that there is an independant switch for the spots. Amazingly this wasn't included in the kit either and had to be purchased separately! But back to the original thread, has anyone installed these lights or similar themselves?


I have installed fog/spot lamps on my TF 135, and the switch too, but so far without any wiring.

So they look nice but don't work - good news for the car in front.

I had assumed the wiring might be in place as TF160's which come with the lamps fitted have a loom which has integrated wiring down to the front.

But I discovered that non lamped 135's at least have a loom without the necessary wiring.

So the wiring kit that Andy has needs to reach the dashboard switch and fuse box somehow and must therefore be fairly extensive.

Andy, in your situation I'd go to a local MG dealer, ask to see the Service Manager and tell him your dog ate the intructions :-)


(Still one horn short)
John Thomas

On my TF I had the fogs factory fitted, but on my F I fitted them myself. For that the 12V feed came from one of the spade connectors on the front of the fuse box. From memory it was the centre of the three terminals.

TF fuse Box (the one by the drivers knee).

I think it is the one marked "4".


Thanks for that Paul - I will pass your advice on.



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