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MG MGF Technical - Sqeaking noise from front....

Hi all,

Just like to know whether any of you have heard a sqeaking sound from underneath the front of the car when turning the steering wheel in either direction.
It sounds like tires rubbing on the polished floor of an underground parking lot. The noise comes on when turning the wheels at whatever speed (even when standing still). It does not come from the wishbones but really from underneat. Makes me think about the steering rack pignon(?). But then that would make a metallic noise. Anyhow, Ill put it on axle stand tomorrow and have the wife spin the steering wheel. Just thought some of you may have some clues as what to look for. Maybe front torsion bar bushes that have loosened?

D. Peters

Not come across this one before. You could be right about the bushes being at fault - and certainly worth careful inspection (and not just for the antiroll bar). Trying to localise the noise should help - do let us know how you get on David!
Rob Bell

Well, put the car on axle stands.
No horizontal play in the wheel, so track rod end should be fine? Some vertical play noted. Whether this is to be called "excess" Im not quite sure. The other wheel had no vertical play, so I guess the fact there is some play indicates possible wear and tear of the lower or upper suspension knuckle/joints. lower shocker bush seems just fine.
Suspension bushes zre due for replacement I believe. Although it is only one side at each arm which shows thin.
Drop link bushes to sway bar seem fine as well. Off course when the car is of the ground, the noise isnt there as there is no reaction force from the ground to evoke shear stress upon turning the wheel.
When on the ground, I could not determine precisely where the noise was coming from, weird. From the suspension no doubt, but where exactly?
It even gets weirder, lowering the car for the second time, the noise was gone! Drove back home (car is parked outbound garage) and didnt really notice anything anymore. Im puzzled... I wanted to change thoughts about the problem with a collegue Fer from nearby,... . Hope it comes back...?
David Peters

I think you will find that the noise is coming from the shock absorber. You can check this by placing both hands on the front wing at the side where the noise is then pushing down and releasing.
This was the case with mine and I squirted wd40 up inside the cover which stopped it for a few weeks.

Hi Gerard! Could well be the case. The noise indeed (also) occures when pushing the wing at the side. But the noise is also there when turning the steering wheel (hence the wheels*LOL*). I thought this action should not move the shockers. But it probably rotates inside its cover when the wheels turn.

When the car is jacked up, the shocker gets extended. Upon lowering, it probably doesnt completely retracts which makes the noise temporarily disappear.

Ive had worn out shocker on other cars. Symptoms were very clear. The sqeaking sound wasnt one of them. But hey Its MGR were talking about *LOL*

Ill get the WD40 out this afternoon and will report back!

the sound sure scared the hell out of me though.


David Peters

As suggested WD40d and the awfull wound is gone.

However, Ill be on the lookout for some new shockers and bushes. Maybe replace the ball joint in the suspension as well. The wheel showed a little vertical play - how much play can be qualified as exessive anyway?

Err not wound, but sound. *LOL*
David Peters


I'd not accept more then half a mil at the outer wheel diameter.
However, if there is any than it will for sure not get less but more ;)
Have a look to the play at the lower ball joint while someone else moves the wheel up and down.


I have a 3 month old MG TF with 1,500 miles on clock. A squeaking graunching noise has developed from the frontend. Only really noticable when the front of the cars falls, say after going over speed bump (slowly that is) Have tried greasing the nipples to no avail. The noise sounds like the mud flaps catching on the road this it not the case. I saw on the MG F/TF central site a comment about the cross member/structure behind the dash having weak welds and the bar was twisting on its supports. I cannot find the post despite several searches. As the car is at the garage at the moment I would like to tell them what I think the problem is. Can you help me find the post, please?
T.H. Butler

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