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MG MGF Technical - squeaky back end

I'v started to have a very annoying squeaking noise coming from the rear nearside corner of my mgf, it sounds very much like rubber, possibly even a spring?? but i'm unsure!! it squeaks almost constantly, with every bump or uneven surface. i'v recently had the ball joints fitted as new but i'm told its not gonnna be that, again i'm totally unsure!!

i'v tried pushing the rear end while its parked, but i cant seem to get any noise out of it, it only seems to be while i drive???????

Linzi Smart

Sounds like the grease points Linzi, the F is unusual for a modern(ish) car as it has grease points for the suspension on each 1/4. They're supposed to be done every 6 months, it's not hard and a grease gun is only 10 or so. Otherwise any mechanic / garage should be able to do for you.

Hope this helps, Russ

Ahhhh Russ thank you very much for your response, i'v learned yet another thing about my new car today so thanks ever so much!!!

Sounds spot on Russ, i was only being told earlier that the casing for the suspension spring is rubber and not to spray it with WD40 so i'll give this one a bash!!

Linzi Smart

Hi Linzi - it could be as simple as Russ suggests and that attacking the grease points (both front and rear on the F) will cure the problem. Alternatively it could be that the rubber components have dried in the recent warm weather and just need a good dose of water or other lubricant. No specific advice in this regard other than possibly a liberal shot of WD40 on all the rubber suspension components visible.

As an aside - don't necessarily convince yourself it's the rear nearside; sounds travel most peculiarly! ie if you're greasing or spraying, do both sides and front and rear at the same time!
Mike Hall

Hiya Mike,

I will do, i figure if one side can go, so can the other 3.
I'm told WD40 may corrode the rubber, is this true??
I'll certainly be greasing it to find out if this is the issue.

Any idea where i get the grease gun from?

If it helps with problem solving, the more weight i have in the car, the less it squeaks. I took my partner out on a drive and the car made a liar out of me when i'd been harping on about this squeak!!
Linzi Smart

Hi Linzi,

Halfrauds or any DIY type shop / ironmongers should have a grease gun. You'll need to remove and chock up each wheel(on an axle stand preferably etc). The grease points are not hard to find, probably covered in crub and I normally use a sharp point (scriber, nail etc) to pop the little bearing in and break the seal before attaching the gun.

While it can be done with the solid connector pipe supplied with standards guns, a flexible connector pipe will make the job easier. I'm sure if you Googled MGF grease points or similar there'd be a pictographic explanation, unless anyone has a link?

Good luck!

Hiya Russ,

I'v sourced one for just under a tenner, the grease a fiver. even the guy at the shop was suprised the mgf has grease points lol!

i'll ask them about the flexible connector also when i go pick it up!!

I'v not found any detailed description from the google results, but i have my dear father to hand who may figure it out for me!!

while were on the subject of 6 monthly tasks... is there anything else i might need to do every 6-12 months for her??
she's been neglected so i doubt anything has been done to her for quite some time!!
Linzi Smart

Linzi - from the WD40 web site:

WD-40 can be used on just about everything. It is safe for metal, rubber, wood and plastic. WD-40 can be applied to painted metal surfaces without harming the paint. Polycarbonate and clear polystyrene plastic are among the few surfaces on which to avoid using a petroleum-based product like WD-40.
Mike Hall

'while were on the subject of 6 monthly tasks... is there anything else i might need to do every 6-12 months for her??
she's been neglected so i doubt anything has been done to her for quite some time!!'

Flush the cooling system and replace antifreeze / coolent,for sure. Much cheaper / better than a problem with corrosion or the dreaded HGF. You'll need to bleed the system afterwards. Lots of online instruction or get yourself a copy of the RAVE CD / download.

Oil and filter change plus air filter, or do yourself a favour and fit an induction kit if your insurance company is cool with modifications. If not go to somewhere like A Plan on renewal and do it then.

Check and top up brake and clutch fluids and obviously tyres. You can then be pretty confident you're not damaging your F by using her.

Hope this helps ;)

...and I almost hate to ask this, but given some of your comments and questions on both threads, do you know the service history of the car at all, and more importantly when the cam belt was last changed?
Mike Hall

Mike thank you, i'll give her a WD40 spritz then!!

Russ i havent flushed the cooling system, but i topped her up so i'll see about getting that done, the water looks clear so i'm hoping she's ok regards the HGF right now. the air and oil filters need doing, just waiting on a date from my mechanic (daddy dearest) to help me out with a few things.

i topped up every fluid going and i know i need to service the back breaks at the moment, they may be seized as i can feel movement in the steering when i apply the breaks! the tyre's is next on the agenda as i'v posted recently to get some advice on as i'm unsure regards to compatibility.

... whats an induction kit? never heard of it. where do i get one? how much? and why would it affect my insurance?

Thanks ever so much, every little helps as i'm soooo new to this (although you wouldnt think it being a driver and biker for years lol)
Linzi Smart

living in midlands go to mgf center lots of goodies to buy there and helpful staff have used them for years lol
tg hardwick

Hey tg,

are they reasonably priced?

the only one i know of seem rather expensive :S
Linzi Smart

some is very good service and free advice from very knowledgeable staff if i lived there id be down there every weekend lol
tg hardwick

Hey guys,

The grease nipple's are full and wont accept anymore grease.... could this be the bushes on the anti roll bar making squeaky noises? i can hear the noise when i pull on the tyre with some force, but not when i bounce the back end of the car!!
Linzi Smart

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