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MG MGF Technical - Squeeky brakes

Well, a few thousand miles after having new EBC Black Stuff pads and standard discs fitted to the front of my VVC they've started squeeling under light application (i.e. virtually all the time in town driving). Grr...rather than take everything apart, does anyone know if there's any reason why I can't just spray the thing in aerosol brake cleaner and whether it will help? I guess if the squeel is caused by a missing or ineffective shim then it won't help - equally, they've only just started squeeling so maybe it's just dust?

Tim Jenner

Anyone? :(
Tim Jenner

The brake cleaner wouldnt work if it's due to the missing shims.

The need for the shims arises because the pad will "rattle" at a very high frequency in the caliper if it's not a tight fit. This rattling causes the high pitched squeal.

The shims hold the pad more securely in the caliper and stop the rattling and hence the squealing.

If it's not due to the lack of shims there may be a stone stuck in there somewhere.

I've suffered from that before!
Bob Millar


Thanks for the reply! I didn't fit the pads that are on there, so I don't know if the shims are present or not. I would have thought that if they are missing the pads would have squeeled from the day they were installed, though?? I guess I'm being lazy, but if there is a possible cure without having to spend an afternoon taking the car to bits I would like to try it! :)

Tim Jenner

I currently have squeaky brakes but mine is due to the need for new discs as they are below the limits but after 91000 miles on only the 2nd set of front and original back so am not surprised specially after numerous trackdays and sprints.

Tom Randell

Either fit antisqueal shims ,or apply copperslip to the back of the pad or go EBC green stuff, E.Mail me if more info is required.
R J Hemphill

Well the discs are new (well, a few thousand miles), as are the pads so I don't really want to change them yet. Should have gone for Green Stuff in the first place I suppose...anyone know if you can get hold of shims separately or only with pads?
Tim Jenner

I have the same problem on my TF witht eh MG AP brakes. Sqeal all the time. Been back a few times and they fix it for a few weeks then it's back. Sounds like a london bus.
David Mills

Someone I spoke to at the weekend suggested it might be due to pad glazing. I always thought that pads glaze if they are overheated, but he said they could do it if they're constantly used gently and don't get any heat into them. Since my car spends most of its life in traffic and I'm always light on brakes does this sound likely?
Tim Jenner

I had a similar thought Tim, and so took the car for a series of quick runs along roads that required a reasonable use of the brakes to ensure they were warmed up but not overheated.

The result : No difference.

Mind you if I wash teh car and wheels so the pads get damp, the squeal goes away until they are fully dry. Now where are those puddles lol.
David Mills

I had a quick go with a can of brake cleaner yesterday night. Did an excellent job of making everything look shiney (especially when I missed the back of the disk and sprayed myself in the face - thank goodness for glasses!) but it's made no difference to the squeel. :(

I might try working the brakes a bit harder when I get a chance though...with your big fat AP brakes you probably haven't even got them warm! :) Tell you what, I'll do you a swap with my standard brakes... ;)
Tim Jenner

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