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MG MGF Technical - Squeeling Alt belt


I had a new belt fitted and it squeels for the first few seconds of starting. How do I adjust the damn thing - Difficult to see how in the engine!

Cindy Jones


The belt is self-tightening, and automatically sets the correct tension.

(if the belt is within correct tolerances)

I had this squeal after my 5 year service, thought it was a loose belt, but ended up being a worn bearing within the alternator.

Much easier to hear the difference outside the car.

Exactly the same as you say, i only got the squeal for the first 5 secs of starting.

Probably best to get it checked, as i just left it,
and ended up loosing my electrics whilst travelling down the M8.

I got mine fixed under warranty, but otherwise the costs are 155 or 205 depending on VIN.

Hope this helps.


paul weatherill

When you say "lost your electrics", do you mean you battery went flat, or something more serious?
I also have squealy belt on start-up, assumed belt was loose.

My TF160 squeals for about 10secs after starting -- Only when under load (ie. Lights on). Taking it to the dealer soon.
Steve Greenhalgh

This has been happening on my car since the belt was changed in March - I've left it alone as I assumed it was just slipping on starting. Certainly had no electrical problems, and am planning to have it checked at next service (any day now).

Ed Clarke

<<When you say "lost your electrics", do you mean you battery went flat, or something more serious?>>

Well battery did go flat, but before that... struggling to close


..stereo switched off


..ABS light came on


..power steering failed


..headlights slowly faded

fortunately i'd exited off the motorway by this point.

the dash light up like a christmas tree, it was very pretty.

paul weatherill

PS sorry for late response.

Apparently its been decided surfing the net is not a productive way of spending my time at work. go figure.

paul weatherill

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