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MG MGF Technical - SRS Dash Light

The SRS light on my dash board stays illuminated constantly. My main dealer said that I would have to change both seat belt sensors to find out if the onboard computer is up the shoot. Is this correct or should they be able just to plug into a diagnostics machine and find this fault anyway? I'm just worried that they are trying to con me into buying the sensors when I don't really need them.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks, Ness.

P.S. I've got a 2001 'Y' reg 1.8 MGF.

The dealer should be able to carry out a diagnostic check using T4 to check the srs ecu for fault codes these will be either permanent or intermittant this is aa easy operation and should not take any more than half an hour it would be very unusual for both seat belt pre-tensioners to become faulty at the same time. It may still be an internal ecu fault but that should be picked up with the diagnostic check. We use a set of resistors that take place of the individual sensors and components to check the srs light will go out hopr this helps.. stef


I had this twice... once a few months back when one of the connectors under the seat had worked loose.

And then also for the past week when I've had both connectors unplugged on purpose.

So, it may be just the connectors under there that might be worth checking....

but... you'll need to make the SRS system safe before messing (take both leads of the battery and wait 30 mins - black first, red second).

Then check the connectors - then put the battery leads back on (red first, black second) and see what you get..

Chris Tromans

>take both leads of the battery and wait 30 mins - black first, red second<

Make sure you've got your stereo code, if needed.
Richard P

Yep, thanks for adding the extra Richard... I've got an aftermarket pioneer so forgot about that... oops

Chris Tromans

Hi everyone,

I'd just like to say thanks for all your help. I'll check the connectors first and if that doesn't solve it then I'll print off Stef's comment and show my dealer.

Thanks again,


I think the way this works is:-
1. you check the connectors under the seat and the problem goes away
2. Repeat 1. at least ten times or until you realise the problem is elsewhere
3. The dealer changes the rotary coupler in the steering wheel and the problem is fixed semi-permanently

At least that's how it went for me


I would love to find a definitive - and permanent - answer to these SRS questions.

My SRS light comes on only when the sun shines. This is usually in the summer when the cabin temperature rises above a certain point. The light stays on for a few hours, or sometimes days, and then goes away again.

I am looking forward to yet another episode soon.

Peter Ambrose

Contact cleaner is almost definatly your friend then!
Will Munns

Thanks Will, I will try. The connectors under the seats only I guess.

I would be almost a shame not to have the visual reminder of summer, but I suppose it would be safer with the air bags operational.

Peter Ambrose

More lightly to be the airbag coupler on the stearing column, and the connectors near there.
Will Munns

I was afraid that that was what you really meant Will - and it had crossed my mind. I guess getting some cleaner onto the rotary contacts has to be easier than totally disassembling them - which I would not contemplate myself.

Has anyone tried this?

Peter Ambrose

"My SRS light comes on only when the sun shines"

With mine it was when it rained so there is no clue there. The dealer's computer thingy picks out the high resistance in the rotary coupler (or so they told me)


>> I guess getting some cleaner onto the rotary contacts has to be easier than totally disassembling them - which I would not contemplate myself. <<

Rotary coupler is actually a reel of 'tape' (ribbon cable) inside a casing. As the wheel turns the tape either spools itself in or out.

So there are no rotary contacts, in this sense. I think Will is referring to the multiplugs that connect to this item.

Did have a broken one somewhere, if i've still got it i'll take it apart and take some pix.

Scarlet Fever

I had the same issue with my SRS light, happened when I move the seat. A quick flick of the sensor under the seat and hey presto all okay.

I got the fix from a German site, who claim it is a common fault / issue.

They also mentioned it can take upto 24hrs to reset ? not sure how true this is since the "flick" worked for me - saved me 60 from my local Rover dealer.

(i'm sure it is in their technical manual the 60 flick)


Theres no sensor there, just a connector, and yes quite common, partially because if someone unbolts the seat it is quite easy to trap the cable, which strains the connector if the seat is moved around.
Will Munns

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