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MG MGF Technical - SRS indicator

Just started the F this morning and found that the SRS indicator [air bag] is staying on.Anyone else had this problem and if so what was the problem and what did it cost to fix?
Regards John
john ruddock

SRS light comes on when there is a fault with the Supplimentary Restraint System. When the light is on the entire system is disabled (safe mode).

There are a number of potentials, but the most likely candidate is the yellow wire under the seats that go to the seat belt pretensioners.

The yellow wire has a multiplug under each seat and in the past there have been reports of this coming unclipped due to the motion of sliding the seat forward / back.

Access is very limited, but it is possible to reconnect this multiplug with the seat insitu. You should however make the airbag system safe before doing this by disconnecting the battery (both terminals) and leaving the car for 15-20 minutes or so for the SRS system to discharge.

Once done, simply clip the multiplug together - if you want to prevent it happening again in the future, use a small cable tie / zip tie around the plug to prevent it separating.


The next most likely cause is the rotary coupler behind the steering wheel. Have you recently had the car tracked? If they don't clamp the steering wheel in position it can go out of sinc with the wheels, resulting in a torn tape on full lock in the rotary coupler. This can be replaced DIY, but if after checking the pre-tensioner wires you still have the problem, i would suggest taking it to a dealership and getting them to interrogate the control module - this will tell you exctly what the problem is and they can then advise on how to proceed.


Scarlet Fever


The archives contain a number of references to the wires going to the seatbelt tensioners chafing under the seat, so take a quick look for damage.

Repairs to the SRS are probably best left to an auto-electrician, but no idea of the cost.

If you want to do it yourself, disconnect the battery and leave for 10 minutes before playing with the wiring. The handbook also makes a point of warning against using connectors, probably because they are not sufficiently reliable as fit and forget devices.

Other than replacing the length of wiring, the best solution would be a spliced and soldered join, provided it is insulated with heat-shrinkable tubing. (Personally I wouldn't use insulating tape because it tends to unstick and is not very water-proof.)

Christopher Marshall

Thanks Guy,s you are genius,s Found the plug had come out by the side of the driver,s seat belt tensioner.[of course I had to remove the passenger seat first to check that one],Once again thank you for your help
Regards John
john ruddock

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