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MG MGF Technical - SRS light

Hi all, my SRS light came on and stayed on all the way home and this morning did not come on. Is it a lose connection somwhere or somthing more serious. I really dont want the airbag to go off as im driving.


Check the connections to the seat belts underneath the seats. You may find that one of these has been trapped when you moved a seat and is causing your problem. Two wires into a connector.

Bruce Caldwell

and as a BTW - if the light is on then it goes into fail-safe and wont 'go off' even when you want it to.

Ted Newman

Quite a common problem, at Bruce says either the seatbelt tensioner or the rotary coupler on the steering wheel.

My car has had this intermittent problem for 4 years. It doesn't seem to be a problem, but then, I've not hit anything yet....

tim woolcott

Thanks all. i'll have a look latter.

After cleaning and refitting the connections under the seats several times, I finally threw money at it and got the rotary coupler changed. Problem solved!


Disconnect the battery first and leave the car for a FULL 10 minutes before doing anything on the SRS system. It has a battery backup which takes this time to discharge and if there is any residual current in the wiring there is a risk of an accidental firing.

After the 10 minutes are up it should be safe to work on.

Scarlet Fever

This thread was discussed on 25/04/2003

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