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MG MGF Technical - SRS Light

My SRS light has come on recently. I've checked the connectors under the seats but to no avail! Does anyone have any other ideas (without going to a dealer, or sticking a bit of 'black nasty' over the light)how to remedy this?


Could possibly be a fault has developed in the rotary coupler between the steering wheel and the column.

Thanks for that, but how do I check/remedy this?

C Stevens

Hi Clive
Dave is probably right, our went on and off for a while then stayed off.
The European car guys can plug a laptop into the car system to see if the coupler is the problem
Karen Appleby

Unfortunately, remedy is usually replacement Clive.
Rob Bell

This makes me think about my daily driver, the alfa gtv. It had the srs light come up all the time. Sometimes it would stay on for weeks. There are even alfisti who canīt live without the srs light on. Others use black tape as you suggest *LOL*

Went to a local old dealership -garage not fancy enough to prolongue his liscency-they fixed it. Mixup in the wiring. Only happened in a certain year built.

Now the problem is that I donīt know if the srs will function if the light is on. So nasty tape might have a psychological effect, but as for personal safety,...

Remember if you undo the battery to check things, you need to wait for 15 minutes for the airbag system to de-what do you call it-charge before moving on.

rotary couples can be a source.

good luck.
David Peters

As Rob says remedy is to replace, fault can be intermittent as was case with our F when it was new in 96 it was replaced under warranty. Best to replace such an item with new as difficult to know condition of any second hand one and Rover state they should not be rotated unless in fitted position on car. New ones come with a clip to prevent rotation in transit.

I have a 1997 vvc. The SRS light has also just come on. I seem to remember reading that the airbags need replacing every 10 years (newer models 15 years). I called my local 'Rover' dealer and was quoted: n/s Ģ571 + Ģ67 fitting + vat, o/s Ģ487 + Ģ67 fitting + vat, a grand total of Ģ1400.60p.
Is this a realistic price or should I be able to get them change at a more reasonable cost?
I live in Gwent, S.Wales
Ron Bourne

Scary numbers; it is only a MOT advisory so I choose to ignore it!
C.R.B. Simeon

Why, soon you'll be able to buy a top notch replacement F for that much!

The airbag doesn't protect the car, it protects your head.

That said I saw the 5th gear where they demonstrated this, a modern and an ancient airbag. The ancient airbag deployed fine, but it was so small that the driver didn't hit it at all as he was strapped in. The modern design had multiple bursts, and enveloped the driver even strapped in.

I would guess that "new" here means an "old" design, I would guess the pretensioners provide much greater benefit than the airbags
Will Munns

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