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MG MGF Technical - SRS Light

I have a low mileage MGF VVC (R REG 1998, 21,000 MILES). Just had full service and new starting motor so spent a lot.

My SRS light has been staying on. Garage took it to diagnostic they use but said could not read it so need to take to Rover Garage if want a diagnosis(do any exist?). Can anyone suggest anything this could be before more expense on the car (just spent over 700 on the service and starting motor). Can i find out if it's just the light that is faulty? I know nothing about cars!!

Many thanks


The most common reason for this is that one of the seat belt tensioner connectors has come undone, or the wiring has become trapped and broken under one of the seats.

I recall that the connectors are bright yellow, so you can't miss them!

Good luck.

Sam Murray

If it isn't the simple yellow wires under the seats come adrift, the most common cause is the rotary coupler in the steering wheel failing. IF you examine the yellow wires BE AWARE of a slight risk of detonation of the pretensioning charges on the seat belts! Get the garage to look as they will be aware of this and you claim to know nothing about cars!
The coupler is expensive and cannot easily be taken from a scrapped car which might also have gone or be on the point of going. If you can live with the light being permanently on and no chance of the bag(s) or belt tensioners deploying in an emergency, then leave it alone. It will not fail an MOT like that, but will not operate either.
If you cannot tolerate it like that you will most likely have to pay to have a new coupler fitted ouch. Some people stick a bit of black tape over the LED!
C.R.B. Simeon

Disconnect the battery and wait for a quarter hour until the SRS system is discharged.
Makes live safer.

Thanks all

I may ask the garage to look at the connectors though not sure why the did not suggest - though are not a MG garage. I'll look under the seat though very little space to see anything.

How easy is it to disconnect the battery? Out of interest what would this do in any event if the connections are faulty - would the light not just come on again when re-connected?



Disconnecting the battery before playing with the seatbelt tensioner and airbag system wiring is a safety measure to ensure that they do not detonate!

Open bonnet. Carefully disconnect positive lead (red cable, ensuring that it is well clear of the battery terminal. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes to ensure tht any residual voltages in the system have dissipated.

Good luck.

Sam Murray

Also check you have your radio re-activation code to hand.
Leigh Reid

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